Friday, May 24, 2024
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Smart pins 5G locations in Waze app

Through this feature, Smart 5G pins will show up on the Waze app so subscribers may know if they are on a Smart 5G-covered area, or close to a Smart 5G site.

Waze rolls out railroad crossing alerts in PH

The new feature will automatically alert drivers using the latest version of Waze on Android or iOS that they are approaching a railroad crossing.

Waze intros voices of Batman, The Riddler for traffic navigation

Waze users can also follow The Riddler’s clues or enter “stealth mode” like Batman. They can even change Waze car icons and hop in the Batmobile or The Riddler’s racer to guide their on their way, and select the Batman or The Riddler moods to heroically or cleverly outsmart traffic.

Waze data shows driving drastically down in PH, globally

Data from traffic navigation app Waze has revealed that across the world, most countries have dramatically stopped driving.

Waze activates Crisis Response features for Taal operations

Waze has activated evacuation zone notifications and updates on road closures, emergency shelters, and donation drop off centers.

Ms. Universe Catriona Gray is first Filipino Waze celebrity voice

Reigning Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray adds her own words of advice along with reminders and safety tips such as “Time to park the car and do the lava walk”.

Waze names top 10 flood-prone and accident areas in PH

Seasoned drivers in the Philippines are always wary of the upcoming rainy season, as the heavy downpours expose drivers to heavier traffic and a higher risk of vehicular accidents.

Waze touts modern ‘bayanihan’ with 30 volunteer map editors in PH

The map editors are the unsung champions of the technology community who have taken the responsibility of maintaining and updating the Waze map, which requires a significant amount of time.

Waze lists ‘best and worst time’ to drive in PH this Christmas season

Driving patterns from last year's data indicated that more people were traveling in December compared to a regular month, highlighting a 10-percent increase in active users on Waze.

Maynilad partners with Waze for data on road closures

Through Waze's "Connected Citizens Program" (CCP), Maynilad will be uploading real-time data regarding its road-digging activities, including projects that may require road closures, to the Waze Map.
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