Saturday, April 20, 2024

Converge ICT taps Linksys for whole home Wi-Fi system

Fiber broadband provider Converge ICT has forged a partnership with hardware manufacturer Linksys to introduce a home mesh Wi-Fi system to its subscribers.

Executives of Converge ICT and Linksys/Belkin show off the Velop whole home WiFi offering for Converge ICT subscribers

At a launch event held in San Juan City, officials of Converge ICT and Linksys unveiled the promo dubbed ?Converge Seamless?, which is powered by the Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh Wi-Fi system.

Claiming to be ?the world?s first true Whole Home Wi-Fi?, the Linksys Velop nodes have gained multiple industry awards for its intuitive design and functionalities that simplifies everything from setup to daily use.

The Velop system aims to provide what the modern Filipino household needs: a seamless WiFi experience that connects not just devices, but also the whole family. One problem when it comes to household Wi-Fi use is the existence of dead spots, specific areas within a home where the Wi-Fi signal emitted by a router is either too weak or blocked. Dead spots are caused by signals getting blocked due to walls and other objects.

The Linksys Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System nodes are crafted with a simple design that?s visually similar with current trends in IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as home hubs, smart TV boxes, and smart displays.

Linksys’ intelligent mesh technology allows the router to self-organize, self-optimize, and healing. This means that each node automatically connects to the Wi-Fi router and even suggests the best spots for its location.

If a node within the home gets disconnected, the remaining nodes instantly regroup and link with each other. The nodes are easy to set up: all a user must do is plug them in, tap a few settings on the mobile app, and let the technology do the rest.

The Velop nodes also have industry-standard features such as parental control, guest access, and native testing capabilities — all built into the device.

Converge ICT is offering the Seamless Whole Home Wi-Fi System (AC2600 Dual Band, 2-Pack White) as an add-on service to new and existing FiberX subscribers. The offering starts at Plan 2500 for P600.00 per month for 24 months.


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