Monday, May 27, 2024

South Korea passes 50 Mbps in download speed; PH at 7 Mbps — study

A new report from measurement firm Opensignal has revealed that South Korea was the only country in the world where smartphone users enjoyed average mobile download speeds over 50 Mbps, although Norway was close behind with 48.2 Mbps.

The Philippines was at the bottom part with 7 Mbps average download speed, but ahead of its Southeast Asian neighbours Indonesia (6.9 Mbps), Thailand (5.7 Mbps), and Cambodia (5.6 Mbps). Singapore was way ahead at 39.3 Mbps, Myanmar at 16 Mbps, Vietnam at 14.1 Mbps, and Malaysia at 11.5 Mbps.   

The global average score of the 87 countries surveyed was 17.6 Mbps. There were 13 countries with download speeds of over 30 Mbps, while 35 of the 87 markets measured fell into the 10-20 Mbps range, and 20 scored under 10 Mbps.

“It’s very early days for 5G, but we’re already seeing some notable commercial network launches. 5G won’t just deliver faster speeds. The new technology will provide a blanket of capacity, built using new high bandwidth, high-frequency spectrum bands that will help mitigate the congestion which we see impacting the mobile network experience across many of our metrics. And the upgrades won’t just be felt in speed,” said Peter Boyland, senior analyst at Opensignal.”

“5G will offer great improvements to latency, opening up a whole new world of mobile use cases. But it will take 5G a long time to become as ubiquitous as 4G,” Boyland added.


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