Thursday, April 18, 2024

Shopee teams up with delivery company J&T Express

Shopping site Shopee recently announced that it has teamed up with express delivery company J&T Express. The partnership aims to strengthen the operations and delivery services of the e-commerce platform giant.

From foreground to background: J&T Express Philippines sales and marketing director Tommy Li; J&T Express Philippines brand director Zoe Chi; J&T Express Philippines CEO Dean Ding; Shopee Philippines associate director Martin Yu; Shopee Philippines head of Marketing Karen Perez; and Shopee Philippines head of operation Ruoshan Tao

“The e-commerce environment here is going so fast. More and more people and consumers are joining the e-commerce market and enjoy the online shopping and online selling. I believe that this market (Philippines) is much more better,” said J&T Express sales and marketing director Tommy Li.

As of January 2018, around 67 million Filipinos shop online and the number is projected to increase by 12% year-on-year. This enables entrepreneurs to venture towards online businesses that ultimately increases the local e-commerce business growth locally.

“We are targeting the e-commerce business, and also the enterprise, small businesses, and even working individuals. This is our market. Since we just came here, we still need to learn a lot,” shared Li.

He added that the company is growing at a steady fast rate and listens to the advice and adjustment requirement of their clients. J&T Express now has over 300 branches nationwide and can accommodate any size of business, especially micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

According to Li, with the Philippines having the second largest population in Southeast Asia, a good service express company is required to raise the capacity in improving the quality of businesses. With expectations heightening from both the sellers and buyers end, J&T Express is negotiating with Shopee on how much of the logistics requirement they will accomplish.

“By partnering with Shopee, we get to continue J&T Express’ mission of delivering quality express package delivery services that support the growth of local online businesses and, fuel this promising economic growth,” said Dean Ding, CEO of J&T Express Philippines. He also noted that the increasing population of online businesses in the country gives way to new opportunities for big players in the e-commerce industry.

Martin Yu, associate director of Shopee Philippines, likewise shared that their company recognizes the importance of product delivery in a manner that’s timely and organized. Thus, it would ensure a hassle-free shopping experience for end-users.

“We stand with J&T Express as they continue to give the ultimate package express delivery quality for customers and support the growth of e-commerce in the Philippines,” Yu added. He further emphasized that a loyal customer base is also dependent on the business’ delivery performance and this is why shipping is an essential part of any e-commerce company.


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