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ARTA order pushes LTFRB to approve pending TNVS apps

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) on Thursday, Aug. 15, said it is set to release 1,130 Certificates of Public Convenience (CPC) to transport network vehicle services (TNVS) applicants within the next two weeks, following an order from the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) for it to automatically approve all valid TNVS applications.

ARTA deputy director-general Ernesto Perez (right) with LTFRB chair Martin Delgra. Perez was instrumental in resolving the issue of pending TNVS applications at the LTFRB

The ARTA ordered the immediate approval of all valid TNVS applications and the subsequent release of CPCs and other documents to these applicants following the results of their investigation on accusations of “red-tape” at the LTFRB by the TNVS community

In a message sent to reporters, the LTFRB said it has so far released a total of 5,061 CPCs to aspiring TNVS drivers and operators since the inception of TNVS in the country.

A total of 1,437 CPCs are in the process of being signed by the LTFRB. As of Wednesday, the LTFRB said it has issued a total of 46,583 provisional authorities (PA) to TNVS applicants.

A CPC is a document issued by the LTFRB that allows for the legitimate operation of a TNVS and is valid for two years, subject to renewal after its validity.

Before a CPC is issued, a TNVS operator may be given a PA, which temporarily allows the operation of a TNVS and has a validity that has recently been extended from 45 days to 90 days.

In a summary of findings and recommendations by the ARTA on the LTFRB’s processing of TNVS applications, the anti-red tape body recommended the validity of a PA to be extended further to one year or have no expiration at all subject to the good standing of the holder of the PA as a public transport operator.

On Tuesday, Aug. 13, the ARTA released an order declaring all pending but complete, duly-paid and duly-heard TNVS applications as automatically approved, and ordered the release of CPCs and other appropriate licenses or certifications by the LTFRB to these applicants.

“In a meeting yesterday with ARTA director-general Jeremiah Belgica, DOTr secretary Arthur Tugade instructed undersecretary for road transport Mark De Leon to ensure LTFRB’s immediate implementation of ARTA’s order, provided that substantive completion of documents/requirements are met by applicants,” DOTr assistant secretary for communications Goddes Hope Libiran said in a message on Wednesday. — Raymond Carl Dela Cruz (PNA)


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