Contactless Visa payments now available in Robinsons stores

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Shoppers at Robinsons shopping malls can now experience the speed and convenience of a seamless payment interaction with the introduction of contactless payments from Visa.

In an exclusive interview, Dan Wolbert — Visa country Manager for the Philippines and Guam — shared that supermarket chain Robinsons is a key partner in expanding their services. In line with digital transformation, the use of contactless payment systems like payWave is the next step towards more convenient and secure purchases.

Celina Chua — group general manager of Robinsons Department Store and Toys R’ Us — said, “This partnership with Visa paves the way to a new shopping journey for all of our customers, revolutionizing the way we transact and pay.”

When asked about the reliability and safety of contactless payments, Wolbert explained: “All contactless cards have multiple layers of security built in. In terms of security, it’s just as secure as other payment methods.” He added that the low security risk is partly because all transactions are sent to the issuing bank.

Visa’s targeted network of 700 contactless payment terminals across 16 locations around the country now includes Robinsons departments stores and supermarkets. That means Visa credit cardholders have access to contactless payments.

“When we look at digital and electronic payments, it’s all about speed, convenience, security. Contactless through key partners such as Robinsons are really a key component to drive that adoption, not just contactless payments, but overall digital payments here in the Philippines,” stated Wolbert.

Wolbert, who also headlined a series of demonstrations on how to use contactless Visa cards in the payment terminals at Robinsons Galleria, revealed that they are seeing triple digit YoY growth when it comes to contactless spend and transactions in the country alone.

“Contactless payments also help Filipinos to embrace paying with their payment cards for small ticket sized items. The average ticket size for contactless transactions is approximately P1,700,” said Wolbert.

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