Friday, June 14, 2024

US-based maker of air purifiers enters PH market

A local company headed by Nick Gitsis, the co-founder of former boutique airline Seair, has brought into the Philippines the highly touted Intellipure brand of air purifiers from the US.

Top global executives Vinny Lobdell (standing with microphone) and Antony Papageorgiou (seated left) introducing the Intellipure brand in the country during a press launch at the BGC in Taguig City

Gitsis has formed another company called Air Intellipure Inc. to distribute and push in the Philippines the Intellipure brand of air purifiers as well as its accompanying global Pure Wellness program.

The company intends to invest P250 million for its growth over the next three years. The money will be used to push the medical-grade air purification systems to residential and commercial establishments, according to Gitsis.

Unlike other air purifiers manufactured by appliance makers such as Samsung and Dyson, executives said the Intellipure is a specialist that is focused solely on air purifiers.

The air purifiers use a patented surface and air purification technology that removes air pollutants from indoor spaces and maintains a high sanitary state with regular service.

It utilizes a patented process that eliminates and protects against 98-100% of viruses, bacteria and other irritants to create an environment that is beneficial for all people seeking healthy indoor spaces.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified indoor air pollution as a global problem that causes death and disease, even worse than outdoor pollution.  The Philippines is not free from air pollution, as people in the metropolis have experienced.   

“As a pilot, I would note the thick grey and yellowish haze in the horizon that hung over Manila, Cebu and the surrounding areas every time I would take off or land.  I learned later that the haze was from ultrafine particulate smog in the air, and other volatile organic compound (VOC) pollutants,” Gitsis said.

“Air Intellipure sees tremendous opportunities with this unique wellness program for all indoor spaces. Air Intellipure will initially focus on the wellness tourism market, which spans hotels, resorts and casinos, hospitals and clinics, fitness gyms and spas,” Gitsis said. 

Gitsis revealed that Belo Clinics will be the first Certified Pure Wellness clinics in Asia with the first location slated to open in BGC in November.

On the cost of setting up Pure Wellness spaces, Gitsis emphasized that most establishments would not have an upfront capital expenditure. Instead, it would involve an ongoing service agreement with measurable performance parameters.

“Our pioneering service is projected to bring exponential growth to the company over the next year.  Along with our Intellipure air purification system sales, we’re targeting revenues of P58 million by next year with further substantial growth by 2021,” said Gitsis.

In the hospitality segment, Pure Wellness is offered in hotels and other establishments worldwide. Travelers in particular are looking for improved indoor environment quality for their rooms, and willingly pay a small premium for a hotel stay treated for pollution, contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, and other irritants and allergens.

“Pure Wellness addresses travelers’ growing interest in health and wellness and offers us an outstanding way to enhance the guest experience. The program also creates an additional revenue stream for our hospitality partners,” Gitsis added.

To introduce the Intellipure brand in the country, a line of portable air purifier models have been unveiled which will be sold through online and offline channels, with prices ranging from P47,000 to P89,000 and above.

Customizable commercial models are also available for industrial spaces. Air Intellipure also provides professional indoor air quality solutions for schools, hospitals, work spaces, and residences.


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