Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Acer PH expands product line with new air purifiers for home, office

Acer, the Taiwanese tech giant known for its computer products, has introduced a new product line of air purifiers under the brand acerpure that feature new technologies in air cleaning and purification.

acerpure Cool

“Having air purifiers at home is no longer a luxury. Having cool and purified air at home and in the office is a necessity in these times. acerpure’s technologies assess air quality and improves it, so you always have air that’s cooler and cleaner,” said Sue Ong-Lim, general manager at Acer Philippines.

The acerpure Cozy projects air up to 15 meters away so it completely circulates the air five times per hour, reaching every corner of your home. Thanks to 3D Airflow Technology, it has a greater range and more concentrated airflow than a standard fan, for improved indoor air circulation.

It has 12 touch-activated speed settings and 90° up/down, 95° left/right oscillating direction adjustment for easy, accurate control. It also helps save energy by eliminating temperature differences within the home, working with air conditioning to adjust room temperature.

acerpure Cozy

Both the acerpure Pro and the acerpure Cool, meanwhile, have 4-in-1 HEPA filter that eliminates bacteria, allergens, and pollutants from home or office. This filter offers triple protection from unsafe air by removing pet hair and dander and 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, such as PM1.0, allergies, bacteria, formaldehyde, and odors.

The acerpure Pro has a touch-sensitive button, a smart mode which chooses the fan speed based on the pollution in its environment, a turbo mode, a timer and a safety lock for kids and pets. The air purifier eliminates certain viruses and bacteria from the environment with HEPA Plus+. These include elimination of 99.99% bacteria, 99.9% anti-coronavirus (229E) 2 and influenza A (H1N1)3 virus activity.

The acerpure Cool has the Ag⁺ Silver Coated Filter that helps eliminate bacteria and viruses. This filter underwent extensive third-party laboratory tests to certify its efficacy in eliminating bacteria and effectiveness against the activity of the H1N1 virus. It also has the PM1.0 Air Quality Sensor that automatically switches purifier speed if poor indoor air quality is detected while the Airflow Booster projects filtered air up to 16 meters away.

acerpure Pro

The purifiers come in aesthetically pleasing white finishes and are compact enough to fit any part of the home or office. They’re also low noise so they don’t create disturbance while working, learning, or sleeping.

The acerpure Pro and the acerpure Cool are supported by an app called acerpure Life, which detects the quality of indoor air, and sends automatic notifications of indoor and outdoor air pollution alerts. acerpure Life controls, monitors, and starts the air-purifying functions even when one is not home. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

For the month of March, acerpure products are at special promo prices with the acerpure cozy priced at P4,499.00 from P4,999.00; while the acerpure pro and acerpure cool are priced at P9,999.000 and P12,999.00 from P12,999.00 and P16,999.00 respectively. acerpure is available in the following stores: Acer Flagship Store in SM Megamall, select Acer Concept Stores and Predator Concept Stores; Microvalley in SM North EDSA, and select Octagon and Abenson branches.


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