More CIOs to have bigger strategic roles in business, study says

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More chief information officers (CIOs) in Asia will have bigger corporate roles including building, running, managing, connecting and protecting their businesses, a new study said.

VMware CEO Patrick P. Gelsinger speaking in front of attendees at the vForum Singapore held recently

The research involved the survey of 200 CIOs throughout Asia Pacific and Japan and was commissioned by virtualization firm VMware.

The study said 64% of CIOs believe they will become key decision makers for corporate strategy with nearly 60% of CIOs in the region expecting to head a profit center by 2025 and 56% expecting to become CEOs by 2025.

According to VMware, the “advent of the modern app economy has fundamentally changed the way technology is used by enterprises to innovate and grow.”

Organizations are also predicted to turn to their CIOs who will harness technology “to power business expansion.” The study also noted that looking ahead to 2025, CIOs will see a strategic pivot in their roles.

“They are not only technology implementers but also architects of new business models, overseeing how organizations build, run, manage, connect and protect workloads in response to the rapidly developing app economy,” the study said.

Cybersecurity continues to be a key priority, with 84% of CIOs suggesting a significant internet overhaul to control cyber risks.

Asian CIOs are also expected to embrace cutting-edge, data-driven technologies to stay competitive and unlock new growth opportunities for their businesses.

The top five future technologies that APAC CIOs in the study are betting on are machine learning (63%), IoT (61%), artificial intelligence (60%), edge computing (57%) and blockchain (51%).

Forward-thinking CIOs understand that to harness the full potential of these future technologies, they need to invest in building a robust framework that allows them to build, run and manage modern workloads to deliver innovations critical to business outcomes.

“We are at a critical juncture where cloud, apps, networking, mobility and security intersect. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for CIOs to step up and steer organizations through rapid cycles of innovation to guarantee impactful business outcomes,” said Sanjay K. Deshmukh, vice president and managing director for Southeast Asia and Korea at VMware.

VMware recently held its annual vForum event attracting about 2,000 attendees in Singapore.

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