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PH-owned firm opens global HQ as it gears up for e-sports boom

After starting out as an Internet café, Filipino-owned e-sports company Mineski Global inaugurated on Thursday, Dec. 6, its global corporate headquarters at the Santolan Town Plaza in San Juan City in a bid to continue its expansion outside of its current territories in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

San Juan City mayor Francis Zamora (left) speaks during the inauguration ceremonies as Mineski Global chief executive Ronald Robins look on

The new Mineski headquarters offer state-of-the-art broadcast studios, streaming rooms, video editing, sound and production facilities, along with a gaming area for tournaments.

Each of its new network of offices in Southeast Asia will soon feature similar offices and production facilities. Its headquarters in San Juan will be its largest facility yet.

Founded by Filipino champion gamer Ronald Robins along with former teammates turned business partners, Mineski has grown to a thousand employees working across five business units covering multiple aspects of e-sports. 

Apart from the Philippines, the company has also established its presence in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, as well as representatives in Vietnam, Hong Kong/Macau, Taiwan, Myanmar, Cambodia, and India.

A robot greets visitors to Mineski’s new San Juan City office

Alongside the new HQ, Mineski Global also announced new business ventures hand in hand with its revitalized existing units:

  • Mineski Esports is the events organizing and marketing arm of Mineski Global, capable of providing a full suite of events and marketing programs aimed towards communities of gamers.
  • Mineski Academy is built to improve and drive e-sports curriculum development while educating communities on career opportunities in e-sports.
  • Mineski Talents discovers, develops, manages and maintains a roster of top e-sports athletes and influencers. Mineski Tech develops and aggregates innovative solutions from its partners geared towards the gaming community.
  • Lastly, and perhaps its most well-known unit, is Mineski Spaces. This unit handles the company’s cyber cafe business, Mineski Infinity. Mineski currently has over 130 cybercafes across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

The company aims to redefine the recreational lifestyles of its customers through a diverse network of community hubs that combines retail and interactive digital experiences.

“The growth of e-sports has been phenomenal. We envision a sustainable future for e-sports in Southeast Asia, and ultimately, the world. As one of the pioneers in e-sports, we at Mineski have continuously created opportunities for gamers and e-sports enthusiasts; promoting the industry and cultivating its growth for more than a decade now. Having achieved regional dominance, we are set to venture beyond Southeast Asia. We built this new global HQ to also show that we are committed in our drive to take e-sports to greater heights,” said Robins, who serves as the company’s CEO.

Mineski employees working on e-sports projects at the new global HQ

E-sports has come into its own over the last few years and gained worldwide attention. Games are streamed online, and competitions are held in small venues like cyber cafes, or in arenas before huge audiences.

Popular games include DOTA 2, Call of Duty Mobile, Rules of Survival, Mobile Legends and console games such as Tekken 7, which fall into different genres like Real-Time Strategy, Massive Online Battle Arena, and First-Person Shooter.

E-sports has also become a medal sport for the first time in the 30th Southeast Asian Games, with Mineski among the assisting organizers for the competitions.

“Mineski believes in collaboration and in a win-win solution for all in the e-sports space. We believe in creating a positive impact in the communities where we operate and our new HQ will enable us to fulfill this vision,” said Robins.


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