Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Dell makes recycling a cornerstone of growth strategy

Technology giant Dell Technologies will continue its recycling program as part of company efforts to make a positive impact for employees, customers, and the environment as a whole. 

Dell said that the pace of technological growth between 2010 until now has been staggering, and based on the predictions of companies like Dell Technologies, the rate will drastically increase.

With the collection and usage of data at an all-time high, more and more companies undergoing their digital journeys are requiring providers that can give them a comprehensive, single solution system instead of fractured and varied providers that can slow down the rate of deployment. 

Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies , said “Unlocking the power of data will advance humanity more than any other force over the next decade. We are committed to making that power broadly available to communities around the world so we can all move forward together.”

Although the 2030 plans that were released are old news, since the majority of companies are doing the same efforts in the past, these moonshot goals from Dell Technologies will border heavily on three concepts: advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion, and transforming lives. 

Towards advancing sustainability, the company highlighted recycling initiatives for every product a customer buys, the use of 100% recyclable or renewable material in their product packaging process, and setting up a comprehensive science-based climate program that will ensure a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of up to 60% per unit revenue by 2030.

Cultivating inclusion, meanwhile, will involve the company’s commitment to a 50/50 gender representation in the workplace and the hiring and retention of minorities for US-based offices.

Finally, Dell said it aims to transform lives through paving the way to advance opportunities of one billion people for health and education while 1,000 nonprofit organizations are also set to be digitally transformed.

“By combining our technology portfolio, global scale, team member talent and customer partnerships, we can drive significant positive impact. Our 2030 agenda is comprehensive and deeply embedded across the business … in some cases, we’re still working to uncover how we’ll get there – but we know that significant change and innovation starts with deep commitment,” Karen Quintos, Dell Technologies chief customer officer, said. 

Backing the commitment is the new autonomous infrastructure that Dell Technologies just announced. 

As the new member of the Dell Technologies Cloud portfolio, the Dell EMC PowerOne will combine the Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, PowerSwitch network, PowerMax storage, and PowerProtect data protection, all under the all-in-one system umbrella that is automated.


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