Insurance firm rolls out AI-enabled app for policy and non-policy holders

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Life insurer Pru Life UK has officially released its mobile app “Pulse” which uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) for health management and is available to all users — policy holders or not.

Pru Life UK president and CEO Antonio De Rosas

The Pulse app will take advantage of Pru Life UK’s large library of AI-backed and real-time updated symptom checker and will have a paid option for online consultation.

“Through AI-powered features such as a symptom checker that acts as a digital-first gateway for users when seeking care and a health assessment tool that gives users insight into their long-term disease risks, Pulse enables its users to get a better picture of their health,” said Pru Life UK president and CEO Antonio De Rosas.

To make the app more responsive, De Rosas said the company plans to link it with wearable devices in future rollout of updates.

The app’s Symptom Checker and Healthcheck tools are enabled through technology-based health service provider Babylon, known for subscription remote consultations with healthcare professionals through video or text.

“This will help users better understand any worrying symptoms they might be experiencing and direct them to seek advice from healthcare professionals,” De Rosas added.

Pulse has actually been released already in Malaysia by the second quarter of 2019 and the Philippines is the second country where the app has been launched. Since the offering is a regional effort, Pulse is set to be available for nine other Asian markets.

“By empowering users with smart cutting-edge technologies, they can continue to fulfill their wellness goals and help prevent or postpone the onset of diseases, allowing us to play a role in their journey to better overall health.”

Already downloaded more than 100,000 times, the app size is currently at 72.35MB which is quite demanding for an app that requires an Internet connection for majority of its functions. Some of the company’s partners also include AIME Dengue Tracker, Tictrac, Tokopedia, FreedomPop, and MyDoc.

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