‘Sim racing’ making its way to PH e-sports scene

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What if there was a way for racers to feel the thrill of zooming in the track at the comfort of their own homes but still able to deal with real-world aspects like fuel usage and suspension?

Welcome to the world of simulated racing or “sim racing”, which is currently seeing an increased support and clamor from both racing fans and enthusiasts around the globe.

Bolt28 Communications managing partner Tricia Canilao

By attracting the larger e-sports market where it has gained a more pronounced visibility, even VR-based technologies are being integrated into it to improve the user experience.

In Germany alone, sim racing is now considered as an official motorsport by the country’s auto racing governing body, the Deutsche Motor Sport Bund.

The authorities recognize that sim racing is different from mobile gaming of hobby players since full gaming set-ups, as well as training and support structures, are actually integrated in the sport.

With e-sports recently on a roll in the region after its introduction as a medal event at the last SEA Games, newly launched regional sports marketing agency Bolt28 Communications is eyeing SM City Clark to be the venue for their inaugural competition for Filipino sim racing enthusiasts.

Tricia Canilao, Bolt28 Communications managing partner, explained: “What if we could actually provide a platform that will help grow the sport? Whatever sport it is, our marketing agency is here to show that the Filipino is world-class.”

Dubbed as Bolt28 Sim Racing, the competition will take place in a span of five days from April 22-26. Three days will be spent for qualifying time-trial rounds and the remaining two days will be for the semis and finals.

Alongside the competition, Bolt28 Communications will also be holding on-ground activations and special events like celebrity races and ‘Campus Wars’, the latter being an event where university students can compete against each other.

“Bolt28 Communications is not just a digital agency, it’s an agency that is going to show you normal activations need the support of digital platforms, if not strongly driven by it,” said Canilao.

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