Saturday, July 20, 2024

Website launched for locating nearby open stores during lockdown

A website has been launched to help locate commercial establishments such as supermarkets and pharmacies that are still open during the lockdown period.

Called “Crowd Store Finder”, the website works like Waze or Google Maps that scans through the user’s neighborhood to find stores, banks, pharmacies, and remittance centers that remain operational.

Under government guidelines, only establishments selling basic commodities are allowed to open during the quarantine period. This is to prevent people from staying outdoors to lessen their risk of catching Covid-19.

Aside from the open establishments, users can also chat with their neighbors who are currently using the website to ask questions and seek further assistance. 

Crowd Store Finder relies on information shared by volunteers from Good Vibes Digital PH, a group organized by Trinmar Boado, winner of the Clash of Codes competition at Multisys Technologies in 2019.

Boado, who works at the Department of Science and Technology’s Metals Industry Research and Development Center (DOST-MIRDC), said more than 100 volunteers are coordinating safely from their own homes.

“This technology reminds us that sharing of info does not just save the time of other people but also their lives,” said Boado.

The website can be used on any mobile, tablet, or computer devices. Follow Crowd Store Finder on Facebook


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