Fitbit introduces in-app Covid-19 resource hub

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Fitness tracker manufacturer Fitbit has introduced a new tab in the Fitbit app to give the Fitbit community access to information and resources about Covid-19.

Users with the Fitbit app and a Fitbit account in select countries, including the Philippines, can now see a new tab on the bottom right, titled “Covid-19”. In the new tab, users can access tools that can help them stay active and healthy from home with the latest information from the World Health Organization d.

What’s new?

  • Easy access to the latest, real-time updates from organizations like the World Health Organization to stay safe, informed, and healthy. 
  • Stay mentally and physically healthy with tools that help users sleep better, eat well, move more, and manage stress with a range of tools including a 90-day free trial of Premium, plus 40+ Premium at-home workouts, meditations, sleep tracks
  • Support Covid-19 health research and to help stop the spread. There has been early evidence that wearables, like Fitbit devices, can help predict the onset of infectious diseases, like the flu and Covid-19. That’s the reason why Fitbit is collaborating with entities like The Scripps Research Institute and Stanford Medicine on important research to see if wearable data can help detect, track, and contain Covid-19. These studies use data from wearables to determine if tracking changes in heart rate, activity, and sleep can provide an early indication of viral illnesses, like Covid-19, before actual symptoms start. Users can support Covid-19-related health research, just by wearing their Fitbit device with heart rate tracking and choosing to share their data. 
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