Viber groups offer hard-to-find supplies during lockdown

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There’s no doubt that shopping for essentials has been quite a challenge with the enhanced community quarantine still in full force. But this can’t be truer for those looking for some not-so-essential-yet-important supplies.

Now is even a more inconvenient time for appliances and gadgets to break down or to run out of the baby’s body wash as not all grocery stores carry these specific items on their shelves. Thankfully, Filipinos don’t have to wait for the end of quarantine to find solutions as Viber Communities can help.  

With the many restrictions in place, many sellers have turned to Viber and created innovative communities to connect to their customers, offering important items that aren’t food or medicine.

Here are some communities that can help you find specific needs and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.  

  • Home improvement and electronic needs. To fix a leaky faucet or get new lightbulbs for your home, join the  Hardware Construction Group and Non-Food Directory PH. Find replacements for a worn-out laptop or phone chargers or even gadgets at Electronics & Gadgets and Complink ViberStore. Look for new appliances and furniture at Appliances and Computers PH and Furniture & Appliances.  
  • Supplies for moms and kids. If you need supplies for you and your kids, you can join All Things Baby & Kids and Baby & Children Supplies. In these communities, moms can ask fellow moms and sellers where to find things like breast pumps, supplements to increase milk production, postnatal abdominal binders, sterilizers, gentle cleansers for kids, and toys to keep toddlers entertained at home. These Viber Communities can be a source of support and relief for all moms, but most especially to new ones who had to navigate motherhood during a pandemic.  
  • Must-haves for fur babies. Any pet parent out there should join I❤myPet Market Place for all their pet needs. This Viber Community can help you find pet shops and vet clinics that are still open during the quarantine. You can also join the Community to look for suppliers for certain brands of pet food, maintenance, and even medication so you can still give your most loyal companions the utmost care they deserve.  
  • Gym and sports gear. As gyms are temporarily closed, it might be harder for you to maintain to your fitness routine at home without the necessary equipment. Join GYM & SPORTS MARKETPLACE MM to purchase the gear you need so you can move, sweat, and stay healthy during quarantine.   

Viber also has communities where you can purchase food items — from whole foods to fast food. Shop for fruits and veggies at Fruits and Vegetables Manila and Sikay Farms. Find baked foods at Cakes & Bread Marketplace and start a baking project with the help of Homebaking & Supplies NCR.

To satisfy your fast food cravings, make sure to join Take Out & Delivery at SM for a quick guide on which restos and shops at your nearest SM mall are open for takeout and delivery. Or find an assortment of food choices — from frozen goods like Vietnamese spring rolls to must-try treats like ube cheese pandesal at Frozen Contacts Community

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