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Trends elevates IT infrastructure capacity with game-changing Hitachi Vantara solutions

To fully embrace digital transformation, businesses have to invest in their IT infrastructure. Trends and Technologies, Inc. (better known as Trends) — which offers a wide range of tech-enabled solutions for enterprises and small businesses — specializes in bringing companies’ IT infrastructures up to speed.  

Boss magazine feature asserts, “In today’s business, it is crucial to have a strong, reliable network in place. Not only does it protect your company’s security, but it also helps to make operation tasks faster and more efficient.” 

In order to give its customers access to the best tech services, Trends has developed deep expertise and built a huge portfolio of solutions offered by global partners. Among these strategic partnerships is with Hitachi Vantara — a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi. 

Hitachi Vantara primarily aims to introduce a game-changing standard in enterprise storage with solutions that address the three core components of business operations. 

Storage Capacity. The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5000 series is all about seamless performance and resiliency. It’s known for being the industry’s fastest Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) flash array. Its all-new design — which is optimized for the NVMe’s massive parallelism — boasts of the following capabilities: 

  • Best-in-class 70μs latency, 21 Million iOPS, and scales to a massive 69 Petabytes 
  • Unprecedented level of application performance and availability 
  • No-impact smart deduplication with 4:1 effective capacity, guaranteed “sight unseen” with deduplication and compression 

Data Management. Businesses need access to timely actionable data. The Hitachi Ops Center Management software’s AI/ML-enhanced management accelerates automation and improves IT operational efficiencies. For one, it  guarantees a 70% reduction in storage management tasks and a reduction 8 (from 30) manual steps in managing storage. 

It actually combines key administrative and operational capabilities into its Hitachi infrastructure management suite that composed of the following:  

  • Ops Center Administrator – This simplifies management to easily align storage resources to business needs. 
  • Ops Center Analyzer – It gains new insights to improve services levels, resource planning, as well as full data path troubleshooting. 
  • Ops Center Automator – This orchestrates data center resource provisioning to speed up delivery and reduce risks. 
  • Hitachi  Data Instance Director – It automates enterprise copy data management to ensure data protection. 

System Security. With 100% data availability and simplified management, the updated Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) RF 9 enhances the Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) with comprehensive security and 24/7 application availability. Its powerful virtualization adds capability to legacy systems. It mixes NVMe and SAS  in order to optimize workload cost and performance. 

The setup brings the following benefits: 

  • Workload diversity. It supports all workloads from container to mainframe. 
  • Flexible scale. It determines the right-size capacity and service levels. It can also grow with a company’s needs as it can scale up from 2 to 6 nodes and scale from 3.8TB to 69PB. 
  • Future readiness. The IT infrastructure is able to meet the demands of full digital transformation. 

Trends’ change management and deployment of Hitachi Vantara solutions strengthens the IT infrastructure of enterprises and small businesses.  

It must be pointed out that an outdated IT infrastructure simply can’t meet the demands of digital transformation. Aside from not being able to adapt to the complexity in deployment and provisioning. This leads to lengthy processes to deploy IT services, inadequate security controls, and the inability to provide the scale the business needs. The aging IT infrastructure also lacks analytics and data science skills and, as such, it can’t offer quick access to the latest data for analysis.  

Trends and Hitachi Vantara solutions are able to successfully address the aforementioned issues and concerns and, thus, empowers clients with an IT infrastructure that lets them excel and, in time, expand. 

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