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DIGITAL INFLUENCER | PH social media trends to watch in 2024

As of 2024, the Philippines stands at the forefront of a digital revolution, with evolving social media trends significantly impacting communication, marketing, and business practices.

Let’s review emerging trends on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and X.

Embracing AI in content creation, customer service, and advertising

The increasing integration of AI in content creation on social media presents Filipino brands with innovative ways to engage audiences. Filipino marketers should experiment with AI content-creation tools and adapt their strategies to leverage AI for better engagement.

Filipinos’ storytelling tradition is finding a new expression through text-only posts, emphasizing originality and authenticity. This trend offers a refreshing change from the visual-heavy content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Marketers and influencers can leverage this trend by crafting narratives that resonate with their audience, sparking meaningful dialogue and engagement.

AI is increasingly used for discovery and handling front-line customer service. Engagement is increasingly moving from public platforms to more intimate interactions through DMs. This trend is particularly notable among Filipino businesses and influencers, who use DMs for enhanced customer service and to build a loyal community.

Filipino marketers should experiment with AI content-creation tools, and chatbots, and adapt their strategies to leverage AI for customer service efficiency and better engagement.

AI-driven targeting is now foundational in Facebook’s advertising strategy, enabling advertisers to effectively reach high-value customers. Filipino businesses should explore Advantage+ ad campaigns to enhance ad targeting and ROI.

Boosted content has become a key strategy for Filipino brands to extend their reach and improve visibility on Instagram.

Motion graphics are increasingly used in digital marketing and advertising on YouTube. Their effectiveness in engaging audiences through animation, typography, and compelling narratives makes them suitable for various purposes, resonating with the diverse interests of the Filipino audience.

The power of personal profiles

The “link in bio” feature on Instagram is gaining importance for Filipino influencers and brands, serving as a hub for important links and driving conversions. The trend of photo dumps reflects a shift towards more authentic, in-the-moment content, resonating with the Filipino audience’s preference for genuineness.

With the Meta Verified program, individuals can gain verification on Facebook, a feature that may extend to businesses in the future. Filipino brands should encourage key figures to subscribe and look for verified creators for partnerships and collaborations.

LinkedIn features like AI-powered “Collaborative articles” and “Top voice” badges have been introduced to enhance personal branding opportunities on the platform. These developments are expected to bring fascinating results to the community and further emphasize the importance of personal branding.

With professional networking gaining prominence, LinkedIn is focusing more on industry-specific content. Filipino professionals are maximizing LinkedIn’s newsletter feature for effective personal branding and thought leadership.

Level-up on video content creation

Facebook Reels have gained popularity, with plays and reshares doubling, becoming a significant focus for the platform. Filipino marketers should consider Reels in their Facebook strategies, including creating organic Reels content and exploring advertising opportunities through Reels.

Instagram is also focused on Reels, with new editing tools and improved analytics, which aligns well with the Filipino market’s growing interest in short-form video content. Instagram Live’s comeback, with enhanced features, provides a platform for Filipino creators to engage in real time with their audience. The popularity of video memes on Instagram provides a dynamic and engaging way for Filipino brands to connect with their audience using humor and relatability.

YouTube continues to be a dynamic and influential platform in the Philippines. Reactions, commentary, silent, random acts of kindness, first-time try-it-out, challenges, book reviews, rural life, storytelling, podcasts, voiceover shorts, sustainability, and child-friendly video content are shaping the way Filipinos interact with video content.

Viewer-pick content, created based on audience suggestions, is on the rise. These videos vary from theme selection to Q&A sessions, fostering community involvement and engagement, a key aspect of Filipino digital culture.

TikTok’s ability to introduce users to new topics and ideas is crucial in 2024. Brands in the Philippines can leverage this by creating hyper-relevant and engaging content that resonates with the community’s diverse interests and preferences. The platform sees a shift in narrative structures, with the rise of #delulu or ‘delusional comfort’, encouraging diverse voices and collaborative formats.

Filipino content creators can tap into the #delulu trend, blending fantasy and manifestation to create unique and captivating narratives. This approach offers a creative escape and a way to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Videos continue to be a powerful medium on LinkedIn for personal branding and profile differentiation. Authentic and unpolished video content is particularly effective for building trust and standing out on the platform.

Brand partnerships and monetization

Instagram is focused on monetary incentives for influencers as Facebook improves the creator experience. Collaborations and brand partnerships present new opportunities for Filipino creators.

The rise of brand personalities, influencers, and content creators offers an opportunity for Filipino businesses to humanize their brand, build a stronger sense of community, and encourage engagement. Brands can draw inspiration from how creators tell stories on social media, adopting a more organic and less promotional approach.

LinkedIn is seeing growth in influencer marketing with the possibility of marking content as sponsored. Creator monetization is also anticipated, as tools like creator mode hint at future possibilities. Authentic content sharing, including behind-the-scenes moments and storytelling, is recommended to make content more relatable and engaging.

In 2024, ‘Creative Bravery’ becomes the hallmark of successful brands on TikTok. This trend, fueled by curiosity, imagination, vulnerability, and courage, is particularly resonant in the Philippines, where brands are encouraged to infuse creativity into their daily strategies to build deeper community connections.

Brands are expected to create content that caters to wide-ranging curiosities and interests, leading to new perspectives and discoveries.

A growing trust gap between consumers and brands is evident. Filipino brands should focus on building trust and leading positive societal change, leveraging TikTok’s open communication lines with their audience.

Brands on TikTok are encouraged to establish clear trust and values. In the Philippines, where brand loyalty is significant, this means creating content that showcases transparency and a commitment to societal change, thus fostering long-term customer loyalty.

Growing importance of social commerce

Social commerce is anticipated to play an increasingly vital role in marketing. Platforms like TikTok are becoming essential for businesses to reach new generations of consumers. The trend towards social shopping features suggests an opportunity for real estate professionals to explore innovative ways to showcase properties and services.

Facebook has shifted its focus from live shopping to Reels, and live shopping features are no longer available. Businesses should audit their Facebook Shops to optimize sales and consider highlighting products through Reels, ads, or Facebook Live product demos. Facebook Shops are becoming a crucial tool for Filipino businesses, aligning with the nation’s expanding e-commerce landscape and offering new avenues for online sales and promotions.

Community over following

Instagram’s shift toward community-building features, such as Close Friends and Broadcast Channels, aligns with the Filipino preference for cultivating strong online communities. Instagram Threads, with its focus on text updates and public conversations, is becoming popular among Filipino users.

X’s use of private groups or threads could enhance discussions focused on specific topics, allowing for more targeted engagement with interested audiences.

AI recommendations are making it easier to discover groups on Facebook. Filipino brands should consider creating or participating in groups to build community and enhance brand loyalty.

In the Filipino digital sphere, the importance of shares is surpassing likes or followers. This trend highlights the value of creating content that resonates with the community-centric nature of Filipino social media users, encouraging wider content distribution.

Social platforms as primary search engines

SEO is surpassing hashtags in importance for determining the visibility of social media posts. The right keywords can significantly increase a post’s engagement and reach, underscoring the need for strategic keyword research in social media content.

Filipinos are increasingly using social media platforms as primary search engines. This shift presents an opportunity for businesses to optimize their content with SEO strategies, enhancing visibility and engagement.


Preparing for this column piece was quite a challenge as I also realized that I have a lot to work on, especially on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. But then again, don’t be active in a platform just for the sake of being there. Do it because your audience is there.


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