Monday, April 15, 2024
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DIGITAL INFLUENCER | PH social media trends to watch in 2024

As of 2024, the Philippines stands at the forefront of a digital revolution, with evolving social media trends significantly impacting communication, marketing, and business practices.

Skills in digital tools and devices will be in demand in 2023, JobStreet says

JobStreet advises candidates to start by embracing team assignments or projects, being active listeners with seniors and colleagues, and having empathy and support in every way possible to help them grow.

Grab PH releases food trend report, unveils new tools for merchants

One of the solutions that Grab Philippines has announced is the “Grab Online Shop”, which gives merchants the opportunity to set up and manage their own customizable online ordering website, with technical and customer support from Grab.

Trends, Cisco redefine workforce, workloads, workplace with Zero Trust cybersecurity

Trends and Cisco believe that Zero Trust doesn’t require a complete reinvention of your infrastructure.

Trends, Cisco provide roadmap for navigating Zero Trust eXtended ecosystem

Business strategies drive technological developments.

Trends, Check Point power up businesses with consolidated security architecture

Businesses should avoid using "patchwork" security architecture.

Trends elevates IT infrastructure capacity with game-changing Hitachi Vantara solutions

This strategic partnership gives customers access to premium enterprise storage.

Trends, Check Point move forward with Zero Trust Security model

Trends and Check Point offer security for "perimeter everywhere" setups.

Trends ties up with Hitachi Vantara for always-on digital businesses

The two companies aim to provide solutions that could help businesses with their digital needs.

Trends-Palo Alto Networks tie-up paves way for ‘Digital New Normal’ with Prisma Access

Trends is deploying Palo Alto Network’s Prisma Access for consistent networking and security support to remote and mobile users.
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