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MSI levels up promo with $105 steam prize

MSI’s ongoing promotion — “Stop Struggling. Start Evolving. Get max. $105 Steam Wallet.” — runs until August 31, 2020. It’s geared for gamers who want to level up their hardware.

For those who are planning to update configuration or build a new one, choosing new hardware can present quite a challenge. MSI wants to increase the fun factor of this process with its promotion.

Those who will buy certain MSI product combos that include the AMD Ryzen 3000 processor, MSI B550 motherboard, MAG CORELIQUID series, and MSI specified chassis series will have the chance to get the $105 steam prize.

Keep in mind that event terms and conditions and redemption process may differ by region. Please refer to specific terms and conditions for your region. Click this link for more information.

To get an overview of what combos are eligible for the promo, just check out the charts below.

MSI B550 motherboards

MSI B550 motherboards offer four MPG series motherboards to give gamers more options to satisfy their desires. All ATX motherboards support Mystic Light RGB LED effects with 16.8 million colors and 29 LED effects to allow gamers to free themselves with various options.


Stay cool under pressure with a liquid cooler design constructed from high quality materials that remain durable and deliver unstoppable cooling performance even under extreme operating conditions. Wreak havoc without sacrificing style with the intuitive 270-degree rotating blockhead inlaid with a deep aggressive aesthetic and ARGB lighting.

For more information, click this link.


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