Friday, June 14, 2024

Samsung brings AirDresser dry cleaning closet to PH

Consumer electronics giant Samsung has unveiled in the country the AirDresser, a self-service home closet cleaning appliance that was first announced way back in 2018.

In a statement, Samsung Australia head of consumer electronics Jeremy Senior said that consumers are more conscious of the spread of odors and germs than ever before, either from issues with poor air quality or a heightened awareness of everyday hygiene measures. 

The AirDresser is equipped with a set of features that ensure clothes are ready to be worn anytime. The AirDresser’s cleaning mechanism starts off with the Jet Air and Air Hangers eliminating dust particles with air.

The JetSteam then proceeds to sanitize the clothes using high-temperature steam, a sterilization solution that even works with linen and soft toys.

After the steaming process, the fabrics are then subjected to Heat Pump Drying set at low temperature to discourage heat damage and shrinkage. Wrinkle Care finalizes the entire process by ironing and smoothing out fabric wrinkles by combining steam and air while a Deodorizing Filter adds the finishing touches to prevent odor build-up.

The appliance is oriented for caring and washing of delicate clothes. It also requires minimum oversight since it features a Self-Clean functionality that occurs every 40 cycles. The entire chore also cuts down on cleaning time and energy as compared to a full wash and dry cycle.

The AirDresser retails for P129,995 and is part of the ongoing Samsung Digital Appliances Better At Home promo which runs from June 1 to August 31, 2020 and offers up to 20% in discounts.


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