Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Sony PH announces two PS5-ready Bravia TVs

Japanese tech giant Sony has officially announced two Bravia TV models in the country as part of its ‘Ready for Playstation 5’ product lineup in anticipation of the arrival of the PS5 in the Philippines this November.

The X90H 4K HDR Full Array LED and the Z8H 8K HDR Full Array LED models are being marketed as the most suitable partner for the console by bringing in high resolution for a variety of demanding titles, low input lag, and high FPS support.

With the Z8H offering, viewing content is ‘upconverted’ to 8K quality resolution as part of the brand-unique feature when it comes to 4K displays and beyond. The process of quality conversion is backed by Sony’s X1 Ultimate processor and the 8K X-Reality Pro, which is optimized further by the Object-based Super Resolution’s reproduction of real-world texture virtually.

As an 8K display takes a little more time to generate brightness because of the low transmission rate, the Z8H utilizes a strategy where individual LED zones are powered independently from each other, and then proceeds boosting contrast with the help of Full Array LED while the 8K X-tended Dynamic Range Pro enhances the contrast for brighter lights and deeper blacks. 

The X1 processor doesn’t stop at the conversion process though, as it also enables the Triluminos to analyze and data for every image to put out a wider color spectrum that translates to more accurate color reproduction that is more natural. The Z8H is also designed with an X-Wide Angle panel for better viewing angles by controlling light and backlight.

Traditional televisions usually have speakers perched below the screen, which Sony views as out of sync. That is why, the Z8H uses a vibrating-frame tweeter called Acoustic Multi-Audio so that the sound follows the action displayed on the screen, making it more immersive. This is made possible by separately controlling independent amps to manage sound-positioning, similar to the multi surround speaker effect. Human speech is also enhanced by the Voice Zoom software.

Other features of the Z8H 8K HDR Full Array LED model include hands-free Alexa and Google Home device connectivity, a rear subwoofer, ambient optimization, discrete stand and dual position, Android app support, Chromecast, Bluetooth, Dolby Atmos, and a dedicated Netflix calibrated mode. It also comes with a backlit remote with an aluminum finish.

The X90H also uses a similar X1 processor to power Triluminos for color reproduction, a Full Array LED and the X-tended Dynamic Range for contrast analysis, and ‘upscales’ FHD to near 4K using X-Reality Pro. Some of its design cues include a slim aluminum bezel and a thin metal stand, since it goes for a minimalistic approach.

To boost clarity during sports and fast action content scenes, the X90H is armed with the X-Motion Clarity software and complemented with a good sound system backing in the form of the joint function between the X-Balanced speaker and Dolby Atmos. Other features include Acoustic Multi-Audio for the two sound positioning tweeters, Chromecast support Calman auto-calibration for fine-tuning Portrait Display and producing high fidelity color reproduction.

While the Z8H 8K HDR Full Array LED model’s retail price remains to be unannounced, the ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ TV X90H model which will be popping in Sony stores and authorized resellers this August starts at P66,699.


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