Android users can now pick games with no ads or in-app purchases

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Smartphone gamers are no stranger to persistent advertisements and paid content in the majority of online gaming titles available on the Google Play Store. The platform may be providing details on apps with ads and in-app purchases, but there is still no filter system for this as users still have to select a title individually to find out.  

That is why, after receiving major UI upgrades last 2019, a filtering system has been added to Google’s online gaming service Google Play Games. The new feature enables the users to select games that do not display advertisements, offer paid content, free to install, and even if it’s displayed on landscape or portrait orientation.

The new addition is internally known as “Fireball” and is meant to assist users in finding a suitable game based on their preferences or criteria. In an unofficial Google thread on Reddit, a Google product manager showed a demo video on how it works. A video demonstration from Newsbytes.PH YouTube page is shown above.

According to the author, Fireball lets Android users find games using tags like ‘New’ or ‘Instant’, or decide based on the title’s star rating and genre. The ads and in-app purchases filters are the most recent developments for Fireball. This can be handy especially when spending gets out of hand for unsuspecting young gamers.  

Although the feature can potentially improve the experience of users on the Google Play Store, it is still a no-show for the app marketplace as of writing. For now, the filter system is another feature that Google decided to add on top of the layout updates and platform reworks integrated on the Play Games app in 2019.

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