Tuesday, May 21, 2024

MediaTek launches new chipset for 5G CPE wireless products

Smartphone chip manufacturer MediaTek has introduced its new T750 5G chipset that will power upcoming fixed wireless access routers (FWA) and mobile hotspots. It features a 7nm compact design, 5G radio, and a quad-core Arm CPU.

Mediatek T750

In sub-6GHz frequencies, these 5G routers can potentially decrease broadband costs in remote areas with limited DSL or cable services. Market research firm IDC sees the global 5G and LTE router market to jump from $979 million in 2019 to under $3 billion by 2024.

“Pervasive high-speed broadband connectivity is becoming more important with the increase in connected devices and the surge of people working from home, taking online classes and using services like tele-health and video calling,” said JC Hsu, corporate vice president and general manager for the wireless communications business unit at Mediatek.

With support for two component carrier aggregation on top of sub-6GHz, the MediaTek T750 chipset is made suitable for both indoor and outdoor fixed wireless access products. Meanwhile, the T750 design comprised of a 5G NR FR1 modem and quad-core Arm Cortex-A55 processors enables quicker ODM/OEM development times.

“We are extending our 5G leadership beyond the smartphone segment with the T750 chipset, opening up new markets for broadband operators and device makers, and helping consumers – no matter where they live – to experience all the advantages of 5G connectivity,” Hsu said.

According to an industry analyst from ABI Research, operators will be able to offer 5G FWA services to their clients by leveraging on 5G capabilities, higher bandwidth, and lower latency. Especially now with the increased market penetration of live video streaming and latency intensive platforms, 5G FWA services will tread an upward trajectory.

The T750 also features an embedded GPU and display driver for up to 720p, four PCI Express slots that interfaces with external Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and a dedicated PCM for landline phones. The chipset is the newest addition to MediaTek’s roster of 5G chips, with the Dimensity line reserved for smartphone devices.

“MediaTek’s 5G chipsets for FWA routers will certainly fulfill the market demand as well as accelerate the competition in the FWA CPE ecosystem. In addition, the support of sub-6GHz band is a perfect solution for many of the operators planning to achieve wide service coverage in a short time frame,” Hsu said


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