Monday, May 27, 2024

Finance firm launches automated platform for loan clients

Business and consumer loan provider Right Choice Finance (RCF) is combining automation and cloud technology to increase the efficiency of software-backed HR administration tasks and lending services with its new Human Resource Information System (HRIS) product offering.


Traditional human resource management systems are primarily used for managing not just human resources, but also business processes and its data. While targeting to provide more loans to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), the new HRIS is tailored for RCF’s lending business.

On top of the centralized and automated HR administration tasks, RCF includes a cash advance bundle to streamline the cash advance application and approval procedure. Similar to digital banking, funds disbursement is sent straight to the RCF e-wallet upon approval of RCF clients.

The goal of this process is to drastically reduce the amount of touchpoints from loaning and cash advance processes. Users can turn to the RCF e-wallet itself for usual digital banking features like paying bills, transferring money, and managing funds.

The platform opens up the users to RCF-exclusive investment options, which the company claims bring competitive returns to its clients. Operating in Metro Manila since 2016, RCF also announced that it will be expanding to the city of Cebu to reach more MSME clients.

RCF founder and managing director James Kodrowski explained that the Cebu expansion is a strategy to aid the recovery of Cebu’s booming entrepreneurial promise. All Cebu MSME clients will be offered customized loan options even amid the pandemic environment.

“RCF is a B2B company. To help Cebu businesses bounce back, we will be here to provide that vital support across all stages of MSME development. Our customers have expressed a delightful experience through flexible, fast, and seamless digital loan disbursement,” Kodrowski said.

The finance corporation has also partnered with Paynet for its security and encryption needs. Aside from business entities, consumers can also avail of the company’s personal loan offers. Any individual 13 years and above can sign up and create an account in RCF.


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