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GOMO launches #WeDontStop movement events this Nov.

While so much has been stopped this year, other things are only just beginning. This October, GOMO launched in the Philippines giving users an innovative new way to access the Internet, do more with their data, and enjoy exciting events. 

“The mission is really to make things so brutally simple so that we can do more awesome things,” shared Eric Tanbauco, GOMO brand head. “That’s why GOMO has no contracts, no bills, no confusing plans or promos. All you need is one mobile app with everything you need and a single data promo that doesn’t expire.”

#WeDontStop Halloween

In line with the #WeDontStop Movement, GOMO is partnering with Breakout Philippines and SHOOR to bring heart-pounding 360º escape rooms this Halloween.

Breakout rooms are entitled The Haunted Casino, Number 1 Fan, The Diner, and The 13th Room. If you dare enter, these immersive experiences can be played through your mobile phone, laptop, or even with a virtual reality device. Friends can share screens through video conferencing platforms as they navigate clues and puzzles to help them escape. If not, you will be trapped forever.

To experience these awesome Halloween-themed virtual escape rooms, sign up for free at #WeDontStop Halloween. 

#WeDontStop Concerts

This year, several highly anticipated concerts in the Philippines were put on hold or even cancelled due to the pandemic. With the #WeDontStop movement, GOMO is unstopping concerts with 88rising by bringing in the global music icons exclusively to Filipino fans, in a one-of-a-kind virtual concert.

The unstoppable 88rising force of global superstars will come together to give fans an all-out performance, featuring their hit tracks “YEAH RIGHT”, “Lose”, and “Gotta Go”. The concert will be headlined by producer and pop star Joji, Indonesian singer and songwriter NIKI, and South Korean singer CHUNG HA.  

GOMO’s #WeDontStop concert will be streaming on GOMO’S Facebook event page on November 7 exclusively for the Philippines.

#WeDontStop We GOMO

All in all, GOMO is unstopping 2020 with innovative new ways to access the Internet and awesome events that everyone can enjoy, with their 25GB of No Expiry Data. For only P199.00 special introductory price, customers will get the new 5G-ready GOMO sim, and 25GB of No Expiry data. Users connect through GOMO’S all-in-one mobile app

Keeping it simple means that GOMO’s data doesn’t expire, so customers won’t need to worry about losing their data before they’ve been able to enjoy it. Simple also means that customers don’t need to purchase an additional promo for calls and texts. Instead they can convert their data for calls and texts, through a feature called ‘Mo Creds.

“GOMO was created specifically for today’s digital natives who utilize digital solutions in their work and play,” explained Tanbauco. “We know that 2020 has stopped a lot of events that so many of us were excited about. We’re looking forward to continuing GOMO’s WeDontStop movement and creating even more exciting and unique experiences in the months ahead.”

To learn more about GOMO and purchase your GOMO SIM, check out the website at


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