Honeywell turns to technology for safer workplaces

Honeywell Solutions for the workplace

Industrial giant Honeywell recently hosted a virtual conference to showcase its recent efforts in the Asean region regarding workplace safety initiatives using technological solutions. The company also reiterated its commitment to provide the needs of its customers despite the current pandemic situation.

Honeywell Solutions for the workplace

During the online presser, Honeywell Asean president Norm Gilsdorf announced that the company will be incorporating solutions and strategies that will revolve around helping its customers to navigate the emerging business challenges brought by the pandemic.

“Asean is an important market to Honeywell, and we are committed to help industry players to navigate through this unprecedented crisis. Armed with consumer insights that certain technology will be key to address the immediate needs to support a safer return to work, travel, and life, Honeywell has pivoted to provide technologies needed by the markets,” Gilsdorf said.

The company said that by harnessing digital transformation and cybersecurity, organizations will be able to find fresh strategies that will bring the maximum cost savings, productivity, and efficiency. In order to prepare for the post-pandemic world, Gilsdorf pitched Honeywell Forge for customers who are looking for a comprehensive control over operational data.

Aside from the enterprise performance management platform, he also showcased industrial solutions that zero in on workplace safety. Since air travel is already starting to take-off gradually, one of the main concerns from passengers is the cleanliness of airplane cabin surfaces. At the same time, airlines are also concerned with minimizing downtime caused by servicing the aircraft.

By using Honeywell’s UV treatment system that is roughly the size of an aircraft beverage cart, cleaning and sanitizing an aircraft cabin can be cut down to less than 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the company’s answer to improving the health of building environments lies in the enabling power of advanced analytics through what it calls “Healthy Building Solutions”.

The string of announcements also included the remote industrial solutions software bundle that comes with Experion Remote Operations, the Honeywell Forge cybersecurity suite which was recently availed by Cybersecurity Malaysia, as well as warehouse and logistic solutions for cold chain services.

For the Asean region alone, Honeywell is introducing gas and flow sensors used for medical devices that are mainly used by patients and frontline workers, a non-invasive infrared temperature monitoring solution for a wide range of facilities and workplaces, N95 and dual layer face masks, and personal safety packs.