Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Health agency sees reduced corruption through digital transactions

The online payment service provided by MyEG Philippines, Inc. to the Department of Health – Metro Manila Center for Health Development (DOH-MMCHD) will not only enhance the capabilities of the agency, but increase transparency and reduce the chance of corruption via secure record systems, DOH-MMCHD regional director Aleli Annie Grace Sudiacal said in an exclusive interview with Newsbytes.PH.

Representatives from MyEG PH and DOH-MMCHD provide a live demonstration on how to access the MyEG payment gateway through kiosks

In the first week of February, DOH-MMCHD and MyEG PH co-hosted an event to officially green-light the online payment service accessed through the MyEG website.

Through this digital channel, hospitals, health facilities, health workers, and other clients of DOH from Metro Manila can pay for several types of transactions which include permits, licenses, accreditations, authorizations, registrations, certifications, clearances, and violations among others.

In the third quarter from the previous year, the government solutions provider delivered a similar product for the Land Bank of the Philippines , the difference being that Landbank is currently exclusively using the over-the-counter (OTC) and e-wallet payment option while DOH-MMCHD activated all channels — covering e-wallet, bank transfer, credit/debit card, and OTC.

“DOH-MMCHD’s partnership with MYEG PH is part of the Department’s Digitalization initiative. This becoming the first attempt to digitalize collection of payment in the DOH, they always bear in mind that the outcome of the partnership can be used as a blueprint for other regional offices to pursue the same project and partnership. Should other offices of the DOH show interest in doing the same, DOH-MMCHD and MyEG will happily provide assistance and insights on the process of implementing their own digitalization project,” she said.

Prior to the implementation of the payment channel, the agency identified three key pain points that it was eyeing to address: the lack of financial inclusiveness of the current system, the additional training required of DOH-MMCHD personnel through upskilling, and guiding clients on how to use the new electronic form of payment available.

Sudiacal noted that MyEG PH was involved in addressing these three challenges, backed by an extensive experience of working with other public institutions. She remarked that before MyEG PH contacted the agency, DOH-MMCHD was already formulating plans to jumpstart this initiative – primarily seeking out service providers that will introduce online payment and collection in their office.

“Ultimately, DOH-MMCHD decided to collaborate with MyEG PH due to their accreditation with the Bureau of Treasury, its user-friendly interface, and low convenience fees for their clients,” she added.

Instead of going directly to the DOH-MMCHD office, citizens now have the option to pay using their digital wallets or online banking applications, or pay via OTC to over 90,000 counters partnered with MyEG PH. Since the process is automated, payments are confirmed instantly and updated in real-time.

Before making any payment, clients will simply have to call DOH-Metro Manila at (02) 8531 0037 to secure a payment ID called an ‘OP Number’ which they will have to type in at MyEG PH’s website. Here is a complete list of fees and transactions accepted:

Bids and Awards

  • Bidding Docs Fee
  • Bid Security
  • Performance Security
  • CTC of Business Licenses

Local Health Systems

  • Initial Permits and Operational Permits
  • Initial Permits and Operational Clearance
  • Certifications, Permits/Special Permits
  • Environmental Sanitation Clearance

Regulation, Licensing, and Enforcement

  • Certificate of Accreditation
  • Authentication Fees
  • Authority to Operate
  • Cash Bond
  • Certificates (Certificate of Need Fee, Certificate of Registration Fee, Certification as a Registered Facility Fee)
  • Renewal of License (Registered Masseur, Registered Embalmer)
  • License to Operate Fee


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