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M Lhuillier continues annual tree-planting activities

M Lhuillier has consistently reached out their efforts to contribute to natural rehabilitation. As the world continues to win against the depletion of natural resources and effects of climate change, M Lhuillier has done its fair share of coping restoration.  

Last February 20 and March 6, 2021, M Lhuillier’s employees from Negros, Bohol, and Zamboanga, planted about 420 seedlings in various sites. In diverse collaboration with various partners, a greater scope for the mangrove and tree planting was achieved for M Lhuillier’s long-term flagship project.

The said activity was composed of two segments – tree planting in a barren mountain in Ubay, Bohol and mangrove planting in Bais, Negros Oriental and Masepla, Zamboanga.

Apart from the tree planting activity, M Lhuillier’s employees in Zamboanga also conducted a coastal clean-up collecting 10 sacks of garbage and a feeding program for Barangay Tugbungan.

More of these deeds from M Lhuillier are guaranteed all throughout the year; yonder from making a mark, M Lhuillier’s commitment to civic action has been greatly instilled amongst their colleagues. With simultaneous reforestation initiatives, Mlhuillier Financial Services, Inc. never ceases to develop this annually growing movement to greater depths.

M Lhuillier is the Philippines’ largest and most respected non-bank financial institution, continues to uphold its promise of being the Bridge and Tulay ng PaMLyang Pilipino with more than 3,000 serviceable locations nationwide. It continuously seeks better and innovative ways to serve its community by providing fast, easy, and reliable financial services such as Kwarta Padala, Quick Cash Loan, Bills Payment, Insurance Plan, Money Exchange, Jewelry, ML Wallet, ML Express, ML Logistics, and Telco and online TV Loading.

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