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ML Shop: The new online jewelry store you can trust

Filipinos love to party. It’s part of our tradition and — arguably — our DNA.

At least once a year, every city, town, or village, no matter how small or far-flung, makes it a point to hold a fiesta, which, at its most basic, is nothing but a big party celebrated by residents and visitors alike.

In short, Filipinos love to mark special occasions through celebrations, big or small, grand or modest.

But parties and fiestas aren’t the only ways by which we observe special events, especially those which are close to our hearts.

Like practically everyone else around the world, we love giving and receiving jewelry, especially during special occasions.

Whether made of gold, bronze, or silver, or set with diamonds and precious stones, each piece of jewelry lends a profound and personal significance to an event.

This explains why jewelry is purchased by Filipinos working abroad to remember their struggles and experiences while living away from home.

Graduates are only too happy to receive rings to celebrate a milestone — finishing a college degree or marking the end of their stay in the academy, whether police or military.

And who can forget couples who mark their engagements and eventual marriages with rings and necklaces? There is probably no married person who doesn’t have a ring or a piece of jewelry to mark their matrimonial ceremony by.

Likewise, seminarians and novices — priests and nuns in training — are also given modest pieces of jewelry upon taking their religious vows.

Indeed, each piece of jewelry — given or received, worn or stored for safekeeping or display — is a reminder of the precious moments in life that should be cherished and remembered.

Recognizing the inherent value placed on jewelry, M Lhullier will make it easier for Filipinos to acquire the jewelry item of their choice.

M Lhullier has put up its online shop, called the ML Shop, that sells several jewelry collections under its ML Jewellers brand.

Thanks to ML Shop, M Lhullier’s value clients will be able to browse and closely examine the jewelry items they wish to buy and eventually treasure and keep for the rest of their lives.

The shop sells all kinds of jewelry amenable to every taste and budget.  Aside from straight cash and installment purchases, other payment options are ML Wallet, e-wallets such as Grab Pay and Pay Maya, Visa Mastercard credit cards, and direct banking.

The ML Jewellers selections feature rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, and ear rings of all shapes, colors, and sizes. M Lhullier’s shop even offers high-end watch brands such as Rolex.

Similarly, the jewelry items are of high quality and are sourced from countries known for their precious metals and stones.

Diamonds are imported from India, Israel, Belgium, and Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the gold used in jewelry pieces are from Italy, Spain, Japan, and from local sources in the Philippines.

Moreover, all the jewelry pieces — from rings to necklaces — are made by experts from M Lhullier themselves.

Although ML Lhullier is known as the largest non-bank financial services company, it has been engaged in jewelry manufacturing ever since the company started. Therefore, making jewelry is part of its core strengths as a company.

With ML Shop, M Lhullier aims to offer Filipinos more convenient ways to acquire jewelry pieces that they love. And in doing so, M Lhullier aims to further strengthen its trust with its customers — the millions of Filipinos who depend on its array of financial services and on its online shop for their jewelry needs.


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