Infinix teases 160W charging, dual color-changing smartphone tech

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On the heels of Oppo unveiling its rollable concept smartphone, Hong Kong-based smartphone maker Infinix has also decided to announce the features of its Infinix Concept Phone 2021 which will be the basis of the brand’s aesthetic direction and technological capabilities moving forward.


With the 160W fast-charging, the device can charge from 0 to 100% in a little over 10 minutes while the color-changing back panel switches between silver gray and light blue to alert the user during an incoming call.

The concept smartphone also changes color and flashes in the middle when charging, which is also activated when it is using its 50W wireless charging. Since the features will set the tone of the company’s devices down the line, it will also include new security protection mechanisms and temperature control functions. Infinix Mobility senior research and development manager Jessy Zhang said these emerging features should be offered to consumers at an attainable price.

“Creating valuable technology is the driving force behind the Concept Phone 2021. With Infinix being one of the most popular smart device providers among young people in emerging markets, our smartphones redefine productivity and efficiency and are a gateway to the future of digital life,” he said.

The color-changing implementation on the concept phone is achieved by combining electrochromic and electroluminescent technology, and using light as the medium and electric field as the process. This mechanism utilizes transparent solid electrochromic film (SECF) combined with an electroluminescence (EL) film.

Meanwhile, the 160W fast charging and 50W wireless charging speeds are backed by a mix of the brand’s proprietary Ultra Flash Charge (UFC) technology, Innovative Super Charge Pump, 60 security protection mechanisms and an 8C battery cell to safely charge the device from 0 to 100% in 10 minutes. With the integration of high conversion charging chips on the 4000mAh battery, it is able to reach 98.6% charging conversion efficiency without running the risk of overloading and overheating.

Temperature monitoring keeps the smartphone under 40°C with the help of 20 temperature sensors and intelligent control algorithms. An additional security protection feature is also triggered during abnormal scenarios – from high temperature, increased voltage, electromagnetic interference and more.

Infinix recently launched its new midrange smartphone Note 10 and teased the upcoming Hot 10S limited edition smartphone which will be available soon. On the gaming front, the company is also looking at an aggressive growth locally and named Filipino gamer Bianca Yao as its first chief gaming officer for the Philippines.

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