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Korean startup calls on Pinoys to give unique addresses on PH’s 7,000 islands

Geo.nick, a startup based in Seoul, South Korea, has built an application that allows users to pinpoint their exact location down to 1 square meter space, even when they’re inside a building.

The startup’s global addressing platform will allow smart machines to use geo.nick addresses for contextual awareness, for example in pinpointing exact locations for rescue missions.

“The technology can be implemented into a wider range of applications. The system is already being used in address sharing technology, location sharing for photos, and remote areas where traditional addressing is not currently available,” Geo.nick founder Yohan Kwon said.

He said one important use-case is for rescue missions especially in the Philippines that sits on the typhoon belt, particularly in the western Pacific Ocean where nearly one-third of the world’s tropical cyclones form. On the average, 19 typhoons enter the country every year while 6 to 9 make landfall per year.

“Inefficient addressing means delay in delivering rescue in times of calamities, and geo.nick helps solve this problem by providing exact address down to the 1 square meter even inside a building,” he said.

To demonstrate geo.nick’s precision addressing platform, it has launched a challenge asking creative Filipinos to take photos, videos, or illustrate unique spots in the Philippines and tell a special story behind it. The cash prize one team can win is $6,200.

To join, designers need to collaborate to tell a story about a special location, and use geo.nick’s platform to pinpoint to that address.

“The key here in the event is to collaborate, say for an illustration or a video of a specific location, to tell a story on why a specific place is special and use geo.nick’s global precision addressing so that tourists can find it when they visit the Philippines,” said Kwon.

Submissions are accepted until January 21, 2022. A prize of $5,000 will be awarded to the overall winner, additional prizes totaling $1,200 will also be awarded. The total prize pool is $6,200 (P310,000).

The categories for the winning works will include, the Best Story Award ($200), Best Collaboration Award ($300), Community Award ($300), InstaGeoNick Award ($200), Best in Student Entry, and Grand Prize ($5,000).

More information about the contest can be found on the website.


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