Sunday, May 26, 2024

REVIEW | Roller Champions online game

Ubisoft’s latest 3-versus-3 title is essentially Alita’s Motorball Race without all the mecha gore and dismemberment, or Harry Potter’s Quidditch but on land.

This competitive multiplayer game is played from a third-person perspective and pits two teams, each with three members, in a game where the objective is to score five points within seven minutes of gameplay.

A point will be awarded to the team who is successful in gaining possession of the ball for one lap without being interrupted by opponents.

Judging its splash art alone, it may seem that Roller Champions is a sports game with flashy effects and confusing gameplay. But this notion is actually farther from the truth.

What we experienced was a fast-paced game with flexible playstyles and a thriving multiplayer ecosystem. This game is perfect for friends who want to team up and fight in a level playing field.

Evident from its welcome screen, players can expect customizable cosmetics from their in-game skaters. This also opens up potential branded collaboration similar to what Fortnite is doing right now.

Fortunately, that is where the micro-transactions end and all gameplay will be purely skill-based. The micro-transactions come in the form of ‘Lootballs’.

Each outfit can be broken down to four individual segments: Head, Body, Hand, and Feet. Players can also customize signature poses and emotes.

Instead of levels or experience, players gain fans when playing for each match. Roller Champions come with daily missions or objectives which players can complete for rewards like fans or Lootballs.

When compared to other sports games, Roller Champions offers more than one way to play the game. Players can actually decide what role they want to take in matches.

For example, teams can decide to play traditionally where they pass the ball with each other and evade opponents until they can score a point.

Another way to go is with one player going the opposite direction, ready to tackle opponents in case of the team’s ball gets stolen, while the remaining two pass the ball to and fro until the goal point is active.

Although the game at its current stage is already topnotch, we’re excited to see what story content will be available in future updates.

Unique takedown and tackle animations, as well as a variety of skating styles and techniques, would also be a good addition in improving the customization options for players.


Roller Champions is a free-to-play adrenaline rush that will change how gamers think of the sports genre. Its graphics are solid, the gameplay is intriguing, and scoring a point after evading enemies on rollerblades is guaranteed to deliver a dose of dopamine.

Roller Champions is available for download on PC and consoles.


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