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Beko wants to build up brand identity in PH for next 5 years 

Turkish appliance brand Beko reported its milestones in the post-pandemic Philippine market, including the onboarding of local celebrity and online content creator Judy Ann Santos its first ambassador in the country, during the formal announcement of “Beko Sends Love This Christmas” limited-time holiday promo.  

To join and earn a raffle entry, participants will need to purchase any Beko appliance and submit a single-receipt purchase amounting to P10,000 or more dated October 1 – December 31, 2022 from authorized reseller partners like All Home, Anson’s, Appliance Centrum, Asian Home Appliance, Fair N Square, Gloria Bazaar, Great World, HAT, J Marketing, Lazada, Magic Appliance Center, and Manhattan Appliance among others.  

Participants are entitled to two raffle entries for purchases ranging from P26,001 to P40,000, and three raffle entries for P40,001 and above. Since October 1, Beko has also awarded 15 winners of free fuel cards valued at P5,000. Meanwhile, Beko is dangling three family travel packages to Boracay, Coron, and Davao for its grand prize.  

After completing a Beko appliance purchase, customers will need to manually register online via Beko’s website and the company will then send a raffle entry number within 72 hours of registration. The brand hopes to highlight its latest product innovations through this campaign.  

“The Christmas season really is one of the biggest peak season now in the appliance industry. Every product during Christmas season is selling very very well… especially in e-commerce, in Lazada,” said Beko Philippines marketing head Dyeun Zapanta. 

According to Zapanta, although more Filipinos are now open to the concept of purchasing appliances via e-commerce channels, most of their local customers are not content with just looking at pictures. He also noted that instead of looking for online promotions, since the restrictions have eased and consumers are now visiting malls and appliance stores, customers are now able to get attractive deals at the shop floor already.  

Beko Philippines country manager Gurhan Gunal said that while the Beko appliance brand is still growing in the Asia Pacific region, the current objective of their strategy is to penetrate as much of the appliance market as possible to establish their brand identity.  

“We would like to stand out as the European brand that is affordable. Improving our distribution, on top of affordable pricing and additional features to make life much more healthier and easier for the consumers – that’s the idea behind our strategy,” he added.

MinFrost Technology 

Moisture infiltration due to warm products or poor sealing equipment is one of the most common causes of ice accumulation in freezers. The purpose of Beko’s new evaporation system is to dramatically reduce ice build-up in the freezer and prevent increased energy consumption and food items sticking together.  

Some of Beko’s products with MinFrost support include the CF200WPH chest-type freestanding freezer with static cooling, the RDSA240K30WN Freezer Top that also comes with reversible doors and high-durability glass shelves, the RCSA330K30XPN Freezer Bottom with a daily ice-making capacity of 1kg per day, and the TS190210B Mini Bar Refrigerator that has a capacity of 90 liters.  

AquaTech Feature 

This washing technology utilizes forceful water jets that periodically spray from the top of the drum directly onto the fabrics – cutting washing time in half by reducing the number of drum rotations normally required in conventional washing machines, and ensures proper penetration of pre-mixed water and detergent via liquid freefall.  

Currently, the AquaTech washing technology can be found in the older 1400rpm WEY84P64E model, and the three B5W5 washing machines: the B5W5841A (8kg), the B5W5941A (9kg), and the B5W51041A (10kg).

HomeWhiz Connectivity 

Beko intends to expand the HomeWhiz connectivity feature to its upcoming split-type airconditioner units in 2023. This platform allows users to connect to smart appliances via smartphones, free for both iOS and Android.  

Additional HarvestFresh Capacity 

HarvestFresh is a food preservation technology that makes use of a three-color light system that simulate the natural 24-hour sun cycle so fruits and vegetables in the crisper drawer can better retain Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  

A component of the company’s goal for 2023 is to add more refrigeration products with bigger capacities that also have HarvestFresh support. The current models that are equipped with this feature include the ASP34B32V American style fridge freezer with a plumbed water and ice dispenser, the ASD2342V frost-free fridge freezer with non-plumbed water, and the GNE360520D four-door fridge freezer with an internal ice maker and dedicated chiller compartment among others.  


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