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Animal, pet-related Reels got most engagement on Facebook, Instagram in 2022

Since Meta officially rolled out Instagram Reels in the Philippines in late 2021 and Facebook Reels in early 2022, Filipinos have enjoyed a whole new way of creating and viewing short-form video content while experimenting with AR (augmented reality) filters on both platforms.

The top 5 most engaged Reels topics on Instagram

In 2022, Filipinos could not deny their paw-renting instincts. Be it Reels of their own furbabies or other people’s, they loved seeing content related to animals and pets across both Instagram and Facebook, making it the top most engaged Reels topic in 2022.

These Reels ranged from heartwarming rescue stories to cute and funny ones like this corgi being so adorably well-behaved while sporting some beaver-like pustiso.

Fashion and Family & Parenting were also among the top 5 Reels content topics that Filipinos engaged with the most on both Instagram and Facebook.

On Facebook, the top 5 most engaged Reels topics included comedy/skits and ports

When it comes to verified PH-based Instagram accounts, creator and former PBB housemate, Andrei King (@king.dreii) created the Reel with the most number of plays from Q1 to Q3 of 2022. He shared his “Instagram vs. Reality” experience with taking IG-worthy travel photos and a lot of Filipinos seemed to relate.

Actress Maricar Reyes-Poon’s (@maricareyespoon) transformation from sweet and charming girl next door to chic and sophisticated lady with the Cruella filter got her the top 2 spot for most played Instagram Reel by a verified Pinoy account.

While PH-based Korean creator Dasuri Choi’s quick glam change, OG fashion blogger Kryz Uy’s wholesome moment with husband Slater, and When In Manila’s sushi pun rounded up the top 5.

However, one of the most notable Reels-related accomplishments for 2022, goes to vegan recipe developer and Meta Creator of Tomorrow Jeeca Uy. Jeeca is the innovative home cook behind The Foodie Takes Flight, and between January 1st  to September 30th, she gained more than 117,000 new Instagram followers after they viewed one of her Reels.

“Reels enables everyone to create entertaining short-form videos and get discovered on a global stage,” said John Rubio, Philippine country director at Meta.

“Since we launched Reels on Instagram in 2021, we have seen just how much Reels content reflect authentic Pinoy culture as a whole — from our soft spot for animals, to our penchant for finding humor in everyday life, how we value family, and how we express our shared love for food. We look forward to seeing Filipino Creators expand their repertoire, grow their following, and explore fun new ways to engage people through short-form content in 2023. 


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