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Limited archetypes await MTG fans in Double Masters 2022 release

A great deal of redesigned reprint cards are coming to the world of “Magic: The Gathering (MTG)” as the American game publisher Wizards of the Coast officially launched the ‘Double Masters 2022’ trading card set comprised of 331 cards that feature new artworks and frames.

Magic The Gathering Philippines

Wizards of the Coast said the reprints are guaranteed to strengthen any deck, especially since each pack comes with two rare classification cards and two premium foil cards.

In its website, the company said the release is close to the vibe of a pre-release but will actually be either run via Draft or Sealed events.

Double Masters 2022 is predominantly on a three–plus color format and comes with mana fixing favorable for playing three or more colors, resulting in an interconnected roster of draft archetypes which can be combined in more ways when players decide to go to four colors.

Some of the multicoloured limited archetypes to watch out for include the recasting ‘Flicker Value,’ the overwhelming ‘Graveyard Midrange,’ the high-strength creature removal card ‘Classic Jund,’ the aura-centric ‘Heroic Aggro,’ the enabling ‘Big Ramp,’ and the strategic ‘Sacrifice.’

“Double Masters 2022 has a curious batch of Limited archetypes and should tickle fans new and old alike. There’s also a limited environment, and this one has an interesting twist, too… The first place you can try it out is during the WPN Premium Preview Weekends starting July 1, followed by everywhere else on July 8,” said Gavin Verhey, senior designer at Wizards of the Coast.

The set will also be introducing a new wild card called ‘Cryptic Spires,’ an archetype that improves mana bases and allows the user to select which two colors it taps for. And in an event that follows Continuous Construction rules, the colors picked can be changed between matches as long as the deck is visibly unmarked.

A total of 80 borderless cards will be arriving in the Double Masters 2022 lineup, including fan favorite Legendary Planeswalkers ‘Wrenn and Six,’ and ‘Liliana, The Last Hope,’ the Alpha boon ‘Lightning Bolt,’ the mythic ‘Muldrotha, the Gravetide,’ and both original Eldrazi Titans ‘Emrakul, the Aeons Torn’ and ‘Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre.’

Double Masters 2022 is currently available for pre-order in singles, draft boosters, and collector’s boosters. A sorcery card like the Imperial Seal in foil retails for $449.99 (~P24,729), a Draft Booster Box is priced at $349.99 (~P19,212), and the Collector Booster Box sells for $274.99 (~P15,095).

Each Draft Booster Box has 24 Double Masters 2022 Draft Boosters containing 16 Magic: The Gathering cards, with two to four Rare cards or higher and two traditional foil cards. Meanwhile, each Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster Box has four Double Masters 2022 Collector Boosters containing 15 cards and a traditional foil double-sided token, six of which are borderless, and four Rare cards.


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