Tuesday, May 28, 2024

PH inches higher among countries with most gaming-related tweets

Social networking platform Twitter reported a 36% growth in tweets about gaming year-over-year, driven mainly by the newly released action role-playing title Elden Ring, Mihoyo’s Genshin Impact, and gaming leagues for first-person shooters (FPS) like Apex Legends and Call of Duty.

For the first half of 2022 so far, Japan and the United States are leading globally with the most tweets surrounding gaming. These two countries are followed by South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, India, United Kingdom, and Mexico respectively.

Elden Ring, the hit release for 2022 which attracted fans of the Dark Souls franchise, was developed by the Japanese video game development company FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment which is also headquartered in Japan.

Meanwhile, Genshin Impact recently launched its Summertime Odyssey seasonal event that revolves around the playable characters of Fischl, Xinyan, Kaedahara Kazuha and Mona. This update brings a redesign of the Golden Apple Archipelago, additional realms and exploration opportunities, rewards from treasure chests, and a new outfit.

Genshin Impact also maintains its standing as the most talked about game worldwide, followed by the web-based game Wordle, the spin-off idol-training mobile game Ensemble Stars, the long-running science fantasy anthology Final Fantasy, Colorful Palette’s mobile rhythm game Project Sekai, the esports league favorite Apex Legends, Elden Ring, Fate/Grand Order which is based on an anime, hero shooter Valorant, and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda.

With the rise of the global esports industry, conversation volume on esports athletes has also expanded. In the Twitter platform alone, the top 10 players include FalleN (@FalleNCS), TenZ (@TenZOfficial), Nobru (@nobru), Fnx (@linfnx), Rekkles (@RekklesLoL), Cabochard (@CabochardLoL), S1mple (@s1mpleO), Mixwell (@Mixwell), Scump (@scump), and Hungrybox (@LiquidHbox) respectively.

Fresh from a win during the fourth split at the Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends (CBLoL) 2022, a top-level professional tournament for Riot’s multiplayer online battle arena video game, Loud Esports has claimed the number one spot in the most tweeted esports team.

Loud Esports is closely followed by Karmine Corp from France, Japan’s Crazy Raccoon, the Call of Duty gunners of FaZe Clan, another Brazilian team actively competing in the United States called paiN Gaming, the Spanish gaming squad of G2 Esports which is headquartered in Germany, the South Korean crew named T1, Los Grandes from Brazil as well, the tier 1 competing lineup of Fnatic, and Jaime “raizen” Pádua’s Furia Esports.

In the list of gaming personalities, Japanese singer and live streamer Colon takes the top rank, followed by gaming video creator Sapnap and Minecraft savant Dream. For Twitter’s live audio conversation feature called Spaces, discussions on Microsoft’s acquisition of Blizzard and Summer Game Fest ideas were the most listened to.


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