Monday, June 17, 2024

VMware to simplify multi-cloud environments with Aria 

Multi-cloud services provider VMware, now acquired by the Broadcom Software Group after completing the spin-off from Dell Technologies, introduced its new management portfolio called VMware Aria during the company’s rebranded flagship conference which is now called VMware Explore.  

VMware CEO Explore 2022 conference Raghu Raghuram
VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram

With VMware Aria, enterprises can essentially access a single platform with a common data model that unifies applications, infrastructure, and services whether they’re in private, hybrid, or public clouds.  

The service addresses the difficulty that teams face in controlling costs, ensuring performance, and making sure that security policies remain consistent across diverse and distributed environments. The management solution is powered by VMware Aria Graph, a new technology featuring a unified consumption surface that produces a single, common object model in the form of a graph.  

The Aria Graph technology enables organizations to join data from many different sources without the need to import data from all existing services and migrating them to a centralized point. This ability was previously unheard of especially in the multi-cloud scale.  

“VMware Aria’s API-first approach enables developers, SREs and Platform Engineering teams to pull relevant, correlated data from any source for quicker application analysis and debugging, while providing complete visibility into the cost, performance, and configuration of applications and workloads across cloud environments for Platform Ops, IT Ops, and Cloud Ops teams,” said Purnima Padmanabhan, senior vice president and general manager for cloud management at VMware. 

Purnima Padmanabhan explained that multi-cloud environments challenge a company’s ability to manage their overall cloud spend, resource utilization, application performance, and security and compliance. She also remarked that this increases the risk of overspending and inefficiencies.  

“Developers need cost, performance, security, and configuration data, often sitting in disparate tools, to understand the complete characteristics of the application that they are building,” she continued.  

VMware Aria Graph is scalable to hundreds of millions of nodes, captures events in real-time, and can aggregate data from any source. Currently, there are three core management solutions under the VMware Aria portfolio: VMware Aria Cost for AI/ML-based anomaly detection, VMware Aria Operations for synthetic monitoring, and VMware Aria Automation integrated with Tanzu Mission Control.  

“In highly distributed environments, customers need cloud and edge infrastructure that enables them to scale their operations with consistency, availability, and security, wherever their workloads are running, and at the lowest possible TCO,” said Mark Lohmeyer, senior vice president and general manager for the cloud infrastructure business group at VMware. 

VMware also launched three end-to-end solutions built on top of VMware Aria Hub and Aria Graph: the automated cloud guardrail enforcement of VMware Aria Guardrails, the automated multi-cloud migration assessment and execution delivered by VMware Aria Migration, and the full-stack AI/ML-powered event correlation of VMware Aria Business Insights.  

“Whether you’re a challenger born in the cloud or an established player, the ultimate destination for customers is a multi-cloud environment that empowers teams to accelerate their digital innovation. At VMware Explore, VMware and our partners are advancing our technology offerings to help customers gain advantages from a cloud-smart approach,” said VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram.  

Aside from introducing the VMware Aria family name, the company also shared updates on the new additions being introduced to the VMware Workspace ONE product suite, how it is delivering a complete digital employee experience, the full availability of its next-generation cloud architecture VMware Horizon Cloud service, plus the announcement and future availability of Horizon Managed Desktop.  


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