Sunday, July 21, 2024

IBM: Hybrid cloud is solution for businesses in distress

At its first virtual AP Cloud Forum, tech giant IBM said businesses hit by the Covid-19 pandemic can still survive and even thrive in these difficult times by hopping onto a hybrid cloud environment.

IBM Asia Pacific general manager Brenda Harvey said during her keynote address of the two-day event that public and private organizations are now forced to undertake transformation journeys at a much shorter time.

“This year has been very challenging in so many ways but I believe it has also been the catalyst for digital adoption for online services, as well as remote working and distance learning,” said Harvey.

In all of these, the IBM executive said the hybrid cloud technology has underpinned the platforms needed by businesses and ecosystems in adapting to the “new normal”.

Harvey said having a hybrid cloud environment allows companies to move mission-critical workloads to the public cloud in a secure, flexible, and open manner.

Other strategies she mentioned include bolstering supply chains to be more resistant to global shocks, securing IT infrastructure to enhance remote working, and automating the right IT tasks so the workforce can focus on higher-value priorities.

“Choosing which technology partner and which cloud platforms power your business are very consequential decisions. What will enable your speed and agility is a single open IT architecture that extends from the core data center to the very edge of where data and computing is taking place,” she said.


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