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Globe rides metaverse wave with new interactive platform

Local telecommunications services provider Globe Telecom has introduced a major update to its interactive platform called Virtual Hangouts. Initially created to provide a 360-degree digital experience that acts as a “passion portal” for the younger generation of users, it will soon be delivering an immersive 3D experience on the metaverse.  

Globe CEO Ernest Cu

Building the Virtual Hangouts metaverse is similar to what global tech players have been doing recently – from big names like Google and Facebook (now Meta) to gaming companies like Tencent and Epic Games. 

There are two ways Globe is currently utilizing the metaverse environment on Virtual Hangouts: accommodating up to 100 users in a recreation of a futuristic campus that simulates a school lounge, and by allowing its employees to experience an enhanced form of hybrid working where collaborations and connections are made possible with 3D avatars.  

This technology is powered by Frame, a company that delivers “Metaverse as a Service” offerings and allows customers to import their own content like 3D models and 360-degree photos in creating a simulated environment. One feature that Globe leveraged on is the production of a real-world location’s digital twin, and in this case, the Globe Tower itself.  

The platform is built on Microsoft’s open-source 3D web development framework called Babylon.js which allows cross-browser and cross-device functionality. Currently, Globe recommends running the Virtual Hangouts metaverse platform on PCs and laptops for a smoother experience.  

“What we’re trying to do is create a more interesting way of working hybrid where our Ka-Globe (employees) can have a place to interact, converge, no matter where they are. We have this new Hangout Tower which features a metaverse lounge… a livestream room for company events, chat rooms for all your topics,” Globe president and CEO Ernest L. Cu said.  

Cu added that the metaverse project is the company’s way of “trying to own the future,” and showcasing one of the best use cases for 5G connectivity. In a separate earlier statement from Verizon, an American wireless network operator, 5G speeds are what allows digital worlds to function.  

“Innovation is our biggest ally here at Globe because it allows us the experimentation, it allows us the ability to try different things. Who would’ve known that people are preferring now to stream their video watching as opposed to watching broadcast,” he shared.  

During the Virtual Hangouts update announcement, Cu also reminded the public of the upcoming G Music Fest 2022 on September 17, 2022 at Globe Circuit Events Grounds in Makati City. Globe subscribers can use their existing Globe Rewards points via the new GlobeOne app to redeem a Music Fest Pass. 

“The last 14 years that I’ve been with Globe, I’ve seen them support Globe with tremendous passion for the brand that led us to get to No.1 and maintain our standing in the industry. This year, we’re back with a bigger and larger than life 917 G-Day celebration,” he said.  

Some of the performers expected to appear at the event include Phum Viphurit, Unique Salonga, The Juans, KAIA, Matthaios, Nik Makino, Lo Ki, I Belong To The Zoo, Lola Amour, Kaia, Ace Banzuelo, Arthur Miguel, Paul Pablo, and Joem. 


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