Sunday, April 21, 2024

Oracle unveils latest version of Java programming language

US computing giant Oracle recently announced the latest version of its Java programming language and development platform.

Image from Oracle

The Oracle JDK 19 is touted to deliver multiple improvements in performance, stability, and security, as well as tools to help developers ramp up productivity and innovation.

Oracle is set to demonstrate Java 19’s capabilities at the JavaOne 2022 conference, which will take place in Las Vegas from October 17 to 20.

“Java 19 is in line with Oracle’s goal to be fully responsive and in sync with the current and anticipated requirements of the developer community,” said Oracle Philippines managing director Mina Lim.

“We are confident that the new features and enhancements in Java 19 will boost efficiency for developers and programmers in the Philippines, enabling businesses here to build great platforms.”

OpenJDK project Amber’s language enhancements (Record Patterns and Pattern Matching for Switch), OpenJDK project Panama’s library enhancements (Foreign Function and Memory API), and OpenJDK project Loom’s (Virtual Threads and Structured Concurrency) first previews will all be available in JDK 19.

Developers can download Oracle JDK 19 or Java 19 technical blog on the Oracle website, and are also encouraged to view the Java 19 launch simulcast.


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