Monday, June 17, 2024

DITO’s first flagship experience store offers ‘Todo’ adventure for DITOzens

Step into a whole new “todo” digital quest at DITO Community’s first ever Flagship Experience Store at SM Megamall and experience a unique and fresh adventure.

The flagship store is an immersive hub that offers an enjoyable tour of DITO’s next-gen technology, simple and convenient products and services, as well as value-for-money deals.

True to its goal to bring a step ahead service to the Filipinos,  you get a taste of the #TodoNaDITO journey you enter into the store.

DITO Telecommunity also aims to weave stronger communities with stronger connectivity. Thus, its flagship experience store is designed for DITOzens to get a taste of an empowered digital lifestyle with its array of offerings.

A tour at DITO’s Flagship Experience Store takes you through different zones including the Product Zone, Gaming and Entertainment Zone, and the Customer Service Zone. All these offer exciting products and services that have varied features.

The Product Zone: Exploring a world of possibilities

A walk through the Product Zone brings you to a wide array of numerous products, services, rewards, and promos that are made for every lifestyle. Every DITOzen will find a package in this zone that supports your passion and interests.

You can enjoy the all-access data package with the DITO Starter Pack and DITO Level Up Packs. Here, you can select from a range of value for money data plans that are made to level up your digital experience.

Meanwhile, the DITO Data Sachets, are bite-sized data-only promos that let you enjoy all-access data at a lowest unbelievable price.

The Product Zone also features DITO App Boosters, as well as DITO AutoPAy and Advance Pay- services that supercharge your digital world with easy access.

And to power your home with DITO’s fastest Internet up to 500mpbs, you can explore the DITO Flash 5G Home WiFi that offers the best value for your family — without sacrificing speed and reliability.

DITO also offers enjoyable ways to access data, shop, dine, and play with the DITO Rewards. You get perks from the various products and services you avail from DITO, thereby letting you experience the joys of life by choosing the best deals.

Gaming and entertainment: A digital fun ride

The new DITO store encourages digital explorations for gaming enthusiasts. If you love games and entertainment, this zone is perfect for you. You can watch videos from DITO’s entertainment partners at the Streaming Zone and you can even experience DITO’s fast and reliable 5G connectivity through experiential gaming activities at the Gaming Room in this exhilarating area for gamers. 

There is also a Streaming Zone that encourages more digital explorations like watching movies from DITO’s entertainment partners. In these areas, you can play and stream free so you personally feel the distinction of a seamless experience powered by DITO’s ultra-fast and reliable 5G connectivity. 

Customer Service Area: Experience the wonders of the DITO universe

A reliable customer service that is always a wonderful experience and DITO offers this service DITOzens and potential customers to want to know more about the wonders of the DITO universe. In this zone, you can directly communicate with a DITO representative who provides the best tips and solutions for your queries and concerns regarding DITO’s best products and services.

With DITO’s Customer Service Zone, you know you can rely on superior customer support, especially when you want to get more details and ask more ways on how you can get more value for your money. 

Indeed, DITO’s Flagship Experience Store brings an exciting adventure to DITOzens to fully experience an empowering digital journey.

According to Evelyn Jimenez, chief commercial officer, DITO Telcommunity, “The new DITO Flagship Experience Store is a testament to our mission of bringing Filipinos together. We want them to feel at home and feel digitally empowered to connect, create, and multiply positivity within their various communities.”

So, for a “todo” experience, visit the new flagship experience store now and discover excellent service and digital innovations only from DITO Telecommunity!

For more information on DITO’s products and services and the latest happenings and offerings, visit or check out @DITOPhOfficial’s social media pages.



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