Friday, September 22, 2023

Crime analytics helping police predict threat of criminals to society

Violent crimes are a phenomenon that law enforcement agencies across the world are fighting hard against. A great amount of push is given to mitigate violent crimes across the world.

But the common public and the law enforcement agencies miss a key point in the violent crime phenomenon, i.e., violent crimes committed by individuals who have already been convicted of violent crimes.

The success or failure of the prisoner rehabilitation system is dependent more or less on the rate of re-conviction of the people already convicted of violent crimes previously.

As per Harvard Political Review data, 76 percent of the criminals convicted of violent crimes commit their crimes again and are arrested within 5 years. This figure rises to 83 percent when this data takes into account nine years instead of five.

This is an alarming situation that suggests to us that criminals are not being rehabilitated successfully. Even more so, it casts aspersions on the work of the authorities deciding upon paroles and premature release of the prisoners.

This phenomenon of a violent criminal doing crime again is part of a psychological phenomenon known as recidivism, and this is prevalent world over.

This problem is so prevalent that authorities and the legal system are unable to come up with a practical solution to counter or mitigate this.

For the time being the need of the hour is to bring the role of crime analytics into the mainstream and then work to analyze their behavior pattern and give definitive results as to whether they will perform the violent crime again or not, and whether or not prisoners need more time to spend in further rehabilitation in prison via skilling and education.

Crime analytics software solutions can help in doing the hard task of analyzing behavior patterns, recognizing the problematic psychological traits that can go under the radar of a human, and giving out minute analyses to be judged by the authorities for key decision making; which would include letting the criminal out on parole or premature sentence withdrawal.

That is why crime forecasting software solutions are something that have the potential to revolutionize the prison governance system world over.

The ability of data processing of the advanced crime analytics solutions can help the authorities recognize patterns, establish links, differentiate normal behavior from one displaying criminal intent, and raise red flags when such a case arises.

This will greatly help the governments and law enforcement agencies establish better law and order in society and keep the criminals restricted from behind the bars.

Wynyard Group’s Advanced Crime Analytics (ACA) can prove to be of great value addition to the concerned authorities. There is a noticeable increase in the behavior prediction of convicts across the world when ACA tech is applied to the behavioral analysis of prisoners.

A better-pinpointed decision-making coupled with robust rehabilitation programs can help ensure better justice delivery, keep the criminals off the streets and ensure a huge amount of financial and manpower savings, which in the end makes society safe and the world a better place to live in.

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