Monday, April 15, 2024

New Epson smart projector comes with Android TV dongle for streaming

Japanese tech giant Epson announced a new addition to their projector series, the CO-FH02, a full HD smart projector designed for consumers and businesses whose activities and operations are conducted in various environments.

The CO-FH02 can function as a smart projector as it is bundled with the Android TV dongle that enables streaming and Chromecast built-in features


Offering a brightness of 3,000 lumens and a Full HD/1080P resolution, the CO-FH02 allows users to carry out clear and vivid presentations.

The company said this new projector enhances the cinematic experience of streaming movies and other types of entertainment at home, alongside audio-visual facilitation of business meetings, presentations, and discussions in and out of the office. Furthermore, educators can utilize the projector to promote visual learning with greater content accessibility.

Hampered by restrictions on physical meetings brought about by the pandemic, organizations are looking to reduce their physical office space and introduce hotdesking to meet new demands of flexible work. However, common office equipment like flat lanel displays in work-from-home (WFH) or small-office, home-office (SOHO) environments are not always the most space-efficient.

To address this, the CO-FH02’s portability with its lightweight and compact design enables users to conveniently carry and install the projector in different environments, to project visuals that are integral in facilitating discussions and small conferences outside of the office.

The CO-FH02 appeals to not only business users, but also home users due to its versatility, creating an enjoyable experience in entertainment, learning, and large-screen infotainment. In addition, the CO-FH02 comes with a fixed inbuilt lamp that is covered by two years warranty.

Leveraging the rise of consumer adoption of streaming video services, the CO-FH02 can function as a smart projector as it is bundled with the Android TV dongle that enables streaming and Chromecast built-in features. The projector also boasts a powerful sound output of 5W and can operate wirelessly.

Altogether, the CO-FH02 is a well-rounded projector that provides users a multitude of visual experiences as its on-demand features are designed to meet all of one’s lifestyle needs, whether educational, cinematic, or for business.

“The CO-FH02 is Epson’s latest all-in-one Full HD Smart Projector which offers great versatility in varied settings for both businesses and consumers,” Ed Bonoan, general manager for marketing division at Epson Philippines, said. 

“We are confident that the CO-FH02 can address the growing demand for high-quality image projection at work and at home by delivering immersive visual experiences that can adapt smoothly to different use case scenarios and environments.”


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