Thursday, February 29, 2024

Epson PH bares latest additions to WorkForce Pro inkjet printers

Epson Philippines has announced the launch of the Epson WorkForce Pro Series printers – the WF-M5399 and WF-M5899, the latest monochrome WorkForce Pro business inkjet printers.

The WF-M5399 is a single-function model while the WF-M5899, is a multifunction model which can scan, copy, and send faxes.

Powered by Epson’s heat-free technology, both WF-M5399 and WF-M5899 are energy-saving inkjet printers that run on low power.

Epson’s inkjet printers consume up to 85% less energy than similar-speed laser printers. Unlike laser printers, inkjet printers have fewer parts to replace over the lifespan of the printer, making service and maintenance more convenient in the long-term.

The WF-M5399 and WF-M5899 are uncompromising in print quality and efficiency, producing sharp prints with pigment inks at speeds of up to 25ipm.

Automatic duplex printing and scanning are available for the convenience of printing double-sided documents as well as the reduction of paper usage.

Driven by Epson’s Heat-Free Technology, the inkjet printers do not require any warm-up time, hence reducing the time required to begin printing.

Extra high-yield ink packs are available for prints up to 40,000 pages which minimizes usage downtime and environmental waste related to cartridge materials.

With built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi capability, multiple users can enjoy the convenience of printing from anywhere on the network from a single device.

WF-M5399 and WF-M5899 are equipped with user-friendly color-coded functions to improve the user’s experience and convenience to use related functions.

The paper handling capacity can be expanded to 3 additional paper cassettes, accommodating up to 1,830 sheets and reducing the need for frequent paper loading.

Additionally, these printers support the automatic selection of paper types and sizes.

Both models are equipped with Epson Solutions Suite to improve the efficiency of business operations. Users can manage printers using a single interface with Epson Device Admin or through the cloud with Epson Remote Services.

IT admins can remotely configure settings and update multiple devices at the same time, reducing the need to do it individually. It also improves document security with Epson Print Admin by preventing unauthorized usage of the printers.

The printers also minimize security risks and wastage by releasing the prints and distributing documents accurately based on user authentication.           

Improve convenience with automation on the WF-M5899 with Epson Print Admin – Advanced Workflows and Document Capture Pro solutions.

The solutions convert paper documents into searchable PDF for easy search by keywords and improve collaboration with cloud service connectivity.           

“Epson’s newest WF-M5399 and WF-M5899 business inkjet printers are designed to be space-saving and energy-efficient without compromising on performance. With their compact size and features, these models can cater to SMEs and companies with small offices, as it seeks to improve business productivity at a lower cost to the business and the environment,” said Noelle Gonzalez, marketing division head at Epson Philippines.


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