Saturday, June 22, 2024

Japanese version of ‘rock-paper-scissors’ unveiled in PH as mobile blockchain game

Game developer Cocone Corp. has announced the local launch of “Janken,” the Japanese name for rock-paper-scissors, that is now being played daily all over the world.

The company said this classic hand match that anyone can play regardless of age or gender will come to the Philippines as a mobile blockchain game on the MOOI Network, provided by PostVoyager. The pre-registration stage has started on Google Play and App Store.

Janken offers two ways of earning money: First, by collecting tokens and NFT each time you win a game; these tokens can eventually be sold or converted into cash. The second way is by joining an in-game event and winning the prize pool.

A number of fun gameplay elements have been added like the uniquely-designed cards that decorate the game, the music that plays during each match, and the sound effects that help create tension in every round.

For Janken’s highly anticipated December 2022 release, Cocone said it has upped the ante with a contest called “Catch the Dream with Janken.

The contest gives players of the popular smartphone app a chance to bring home $10,000 or more than half a million pesos in Philippine money. Registration is free and ongoing so anyone can join.

To join, participants only need to pre-register by following these three steps: Clear all actions on the official campaign page; Download the Janken app and create a Janken account using the same email address provided for the campaign; and Participate in Janken matches.

Janken is built on the MOOI Network, a blockchain network created by Post Voyager, a subsidiary of Cocone Corporation. The MOOI Network uses an intuitive UI and UX design and has low transaction fees, and is a fast and convenient blockchain that aims to make it easier for players to enjoy the service.

The same group, from a low layer, will prepare NFTs and service-specific tokens that will be issued on the MOOI platform in GameFi projects starting with JANKEN. The goal is to grow JANKEN into a blockchain project with millions of players worldwide.


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