Monday, December 11, 2023 powers digital payments for NFT collectibles from FIBA World Cup

Cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet has partnered with blockchain technology provider Venly to allow Filipinos to purchase their unique set of FIBA Memento NFT Collectibles at an exclusive discount. 

The FIBA Memento is a first-ever series of digital NFT collectibles from the FIBA Basketball World Cup, which allows avid fans to own a piece of history via digital assets.

“This an important step for us to bring Filipinos closer to adopting digital payments through our app. Hopefully, this can become a starting point for many Filipinos as the opportunity to bridge digital technology and the country’s love for basketball align with this partnership,” said CEO Wei Zho.

“I love basketball and I love web3. This is an amazing opportunity for us to bring the best of both worlds to our users. It’s not every day you get to own a piece of sports history.

For his part, Venly CEO Tim Dierckxsens said basketball fans can browse the online store, purchase the digital collectibles, and receive them directly to their ready-made wallet account, without needing to know anything about blockchain or crypto.

“Recognizing the need for localized payments in the Philippines, we sought a simple solution. is now empowering us to connect with millions of Filipino basketball fans by offering a localized payment option for their purchases, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all,” he said.

When purchasing one of the FIBA Mementos, whether from the Fan’s Frenzy, National Pride or Ultimate Courtside collections, fans will be able to unlock exclusive perks and benefits such as access to the Mementos community, discounted FIBA merch, FIBA tickets, signed memorabilia from FIBA stars and more.


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