Monday, May 27, 2024
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Animal, pet-related Reels got most engagement on Facebook, Instagram in 2022

Since Meta officially rolled out Instagram Reels in the Philippines in late 2021 and Facebook Reels in early 2022, Filipinos have enjoyed a whole new way of creating and viewing short-form video content while experimenting with AR (augmented reality) filters on both platforms.

OLYMPICS WRAP-UP | Top social moments on Facebook and Instagram

The Philippines ranked as the fourth loudest country on Facebook engaging about the Olympics over the course of the Games.

#FacebookDown, #IGDown: Socmed junkies rant on Twitter

Twitter is the emergency refuge FB and IG junkies.

Bot Uprising | Are ‘fake humans’ the next Instagram influencers?

In case you missed it, there are now several bots who have been styled as Instagram influencers.

Sins of SocMed | #DoItForTheGram crowd takes it too far at museum

What is the point of going to a great museum of you're not going to appreciate what's in it?
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