Friday, June 14, 2024

Globe subsidiary Asticom rolls out Acquiro for Pinoy jobseekers

In an effort to help address persistent unemployment and underemployment in the Philippines, the Asticom Group of Companies, a shared services provider under the Globe Group, has launched a new platform that promises to revolutionize job and talent search.

Launched on January 19, Acquiro Solutions and Tech Inc. aims to streamline job hunting among seekers and the search for talents among recruiters and companies.

A spin-off from Asticom’s staffing solutions business, this new addition to the group aims to assist a diverse range of job seekers including fresh graduates, career shifters, interns, and gigsters to find suitable careers.  At the same time, it seeks to help businesses of all sizes adapt to the ever-changing modern workplace.

The unemployment rate in the Philippines remains a concern, with 4.2 percent of the population or about 2.18 million Filipinos unemployed in November 2022. Additionally, the number of underemployed persons in the country is staggering, with 7.16 million people, translating to an underemployment rate of 14.4 percent.

Acquiro’s launch in the market will help connect employers and talents through a technology-driven platform, creating a seamless one-stop shop for job seekers and organizations. The company will bridge recruitment, onboarding and training processes, providing sustainable solutions for people and business needs.

On top of the more traditional workforce services and solutions, Acquiro specializes in providing a range of role options from director level to project-based talents, including gig-workers, independent contractors, freelancers, fractional workers, seasonal talents, and interns, offering flexibility for job seekers and hunters alike.

“As part of the Asticom group, Acquiro shares our purpose of improving people’s lives. With its launch, we hope to continue to help our fellow Filipinos by opening up opportunities and removing the barriers that separate talents from potential employers,” Mharicar Castillo-Reyes, Asticom Group of Companies president and CEO, said.

Ged Gutierrez, deputy general manager of Acquiro added: “The shift brought about by the pandemic required us to innovate and solve real-world problems, especially unemployment and lost opportunities. Acquiro helps the community adapt to these changes. We do this by modernizing workforce solutions and helping businesses meet current industry needs. More than this, Acquiro aims to create a purposeful future that has a long-lasting impact on everyone.”


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