Monday, June 17, 2024

Survey: Pinoys have higher expectations of mobile security than global peers

A new survey from mobile security firm Appdome has showed that Filipino consumers have significantly higher expectations than global peers when it concerns mobile device and app security, fraud prevention, and malware protection. 

The survey revealed:

  • 76.7% of Filipino consumers reported an increase in mobile app usage over the last 12 months, beating the global average of 66.6%  
  • 59.9% of Filipinos use e-wallets – 106% more than the global baseline
  • 68.1% of Filipinos believe that protecting against security, fraud and malware is as important as new features vs 62% of the global average
  • 52.8% of Filipinos expect the best security in their mobile apps, which is 11.6% higher than their global peers
  • 95.4% of Filipinos would promote a brand if the mobile app protected their data and use from security threats, fraud and malware, compared to 93.8% globally

Overall, Filipinos love mobile apps that offer greater transactional freedom compared to global consumers.

For example, 59.9% of Filipinos identify e-wallet and mobile apps with e-wallet capabilities as one of their top three apps they use most often, a staggering 106% higher than the global baseline.

The top three mobile apps used by Filipino’s also included social media apps and mobile games. These top three mobile apps were closely followed by retail/shopping, mobile banking and food delivery apps.

In summary, Filipinos are more inclined to choose the apps that make transactions and interactions easier. 

The survey also revealed that 68.1% of Filipinos believe that protecting consumers against security, fraud, and malware is as important as new features in the app, eclipsing the global average of 62%. 

A majority of Filipinos (52.8%) expect the best security, once again beating their global peers by 11.6%.

And 84% of Filipino consumers demand mobile app protections that go beyond the login screen and data protection, and include anti-fraud and anti-malware protection built into the mobile app. 

Mobile brands are advised to focus on security, anti-fraud and malware prevention in mobile apps. For example:

  • 65.5% of Filipinos surveyed ranked “hacking the mobile app I use” as their #1 fear.
  • Mobile Fraud came in as fear #2 and 
  • Mobile Malware as fear #3. 

In addition, Filipino consumers are also wary of mobile brands.

For example, 28.3% of Filipino consumers rank the “threat of on-device malware” equal to “a developer who does not care about my security”, above the global baseline by 18.9%. 

Overall, the survey data presents a market opportunity for brands in the Philippines who want to distinguish themselves from the pack and make consumer protection a key value proposition in their mobile apps.

Filipinos made it clear that they will reward and promote brands who protect their mobile app data and use, but will also punish brands that they perceive are leaving them unprotected.

According to the survey, 95.4% of Filipino consumers — a global high — would promote a brand if the mobile app protected their data and use from security threats, fraud and malware. The global average was 93.8%.

Similarly, 75.7% surveyed said that they would abandon a brand if they experienced an unprotected hack or attack from an on-device threat. 47.4% saying they would tell their friends to abandon the brand if the mobile brand left them unprotected.  

“Filipino mobile consumers are highly cyber savvy and understand the need to protect data and use from security breaches, fraud and malware attacks. And, Filipino consumers have made it clear that mobile app protection matters to them,” said Tom Tovar, CEO and co-creator of Appdome.

“The good news for brands is that there is a real and material business value in protecting mobile apps better and going beyond basic compliance objectives. Together, we can answer their call to action and deliver a safer and more secure mobile experience for all Filipinos.” 

The survey found that approximately 58% of Filipinos now prefer using mobile apps over other digital channels to interact with brands, compared to 53.5% of global consumers.

On top of that, 47.9% of Filipino consumers say they are spending more time in mobile apps, compared to 41.1% of global consumers.

The survey also highlighted a rapid growth in Filipino first-use of mobile apps, signaling a massive shift and migration to mobile apps.

Mobile brands are advised to take this shift seriously, and allocate resources to better protect where their consumers live – the mobile channel.


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